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JUNE 14, 2003 - As Part of the Technical Manual, I've been playing around with simple deck plans of the Protector.  Currently It's just a side profile, but as I work on the cross-sections I'll start fleshing out fill deck plans... don't hold your breath for the full set of deck plans,  that'll be a 2004-2005 project at best.  I Put up the preliminary print in a week or so.

JUNE 14, 2003 - I'd put aside most of the new CAD work after my father passed away last October, and I'm hoping to start some new prints this summer.  Top of the list are the Falcon Prints, and as part of my own efforts to scratch build a 14"-24" Protector model, some cross-sections.  I'm also debating putting up CAD's of the ship variations that will be appearing in the Tech manual, let me know if that interests any of you.

OCT 15, 2002 - Having found not a single good new reference in nearly a year, The Falcon prints are on permanent hold.  All I'm going to attempt is some rough sketches and I'll be leave it at that for the foreseeable future.

MAR 25, 2002 - I've rearrange the Protector references page slightly, and added a 3rd page with scans of the prop prints and some original views.

MAY 11, 2002

Well, it's been a long haul but the Version 1.0 Protector CAD prints are finally completed!  I want to thank everyone that's contributed, large or small, and I'd especially like to thank the two guys that really made this all possible:

Alan Sinclair - The founder or our feast, Alan took my raw beginnings and turned it into something fantastic!

KJ Karvonen - For supporting the effort early on and generously giving us a ton of shots of one of the original Protector models that he owns. 

This ends the active phase of the Protector Blueprint project, so what's next? These are Version 1.0 prints, which means there is plenty of places for us to tinker and improve over time.  Many people have asked about a 3D version, and while that's always a possibility, currently we don't have any definitive plans to start anything in the near future.  

As always, I hope that what we've done here helps people to take it a step further... Scratch Building a model, improving their own prints, Creating a 3D mesh, Etc... and we'd love to hear about what you're doing, and help if we can, so be sure to write us at: The QuestarianMAR 17, 2002 - I've put up the Web viewable version (DWF) of the Protector prints. See below for details on downloading a viewer.

MAR 10, 2002 -  I've Update the Surface Scanner blueprints and put up the Beta 0.2 CAD Files!

Well, it's been a long haul, but Alan & I agree that it's time to put up the Beta version of the Protector CAD's for review and feedback.  While there are a few issues with the command module to work out, the prints are 95% completed.

FEB 16, 2002 -  I've put up some pic's and details about the Bronica focusing hood used on the surface scanner prop

JAN 27, 2002 Shuttle Prints Updated - I've reworked the wing sections a bit and I think I'm a bit more accurate... but I still think that the front views/views make the shuttle look a little thin. On other fronts, work on the Protector CAD's continues steadily, The surface scanner prints are idling while I try to procure some parts, The Ion Nebulizer prints are completely stalled because of lack of references, and I'll begin roughing out Sarris's ship late February.

JAN 6, 2002 -  I've finally got back to work on the Shuttle prints.  Along with reworking it, I've added rough front and rear views.

JAN 5, 2002 - Surface Scanner Prints Updated - I found some additional references on the hood so it's a bit closer, and with luck I can get my hands on one of the real focus hoods in and take some measurements.  Because I'm really hot on the trail of this one, I decided on  holding back releasing the CAD versions till I can get the hood measured.  

DEC 29, 2001 - Well, I've finally started the Surface Scanner prints.  This is a VERY early first set and I'll probable be reworking these several dozen times before I'm satisfied. Biggest problem with the Scanner prints, like the majority of props from Galaxy Quest, is that there is very little reference material out there... so the dimensions and proportions are educated guesses.  The "viewer" portion of the scanner is made from a camera focusing hood... which If I can ever get my hands will help get the prints much closer.  As these prints are such guesses, and I don't expect to be getting any significant reference anytime in the near future,  I'll be putting up the CAD's up with in a week for anyone out there wants to play around with them.  If you have and questions, suggestions, or information you'd like to share, contact The QuestarianDEC 2, 2001 - After many requests, I've started a page on Sarris's ship the Falcon.  At this point I'm posting reference material,  I don't expect to have the beginning of any prints for several months at best. I also don't expect to be doing CAD versions of the Falcon at this point (2003 maybe)  If you have and questions, suggestions, or information you'd like to share, contact The QuestarianAUG 26, 2001 - Check out the sneak preview of the new Protector cad prints!  I'll be resuming work on the other CAD prints in the next couple week... refining and adding profiles to the Ion Nebulizer hand weapon and the shuttle print, and finally getting the surface scanner prints off the ground.

AUG 15, 2001 - Another "Fan built" prop has shown up on eBay, this time it's a Ion Nebulizer hand weapon...  It raises  and interesting question that I'll have to research: Does the body indent or flare out above the handle? 

JULY 11, 2001 - The Protector CAD prints are nearing completion! check out the news on the Protector page

JULY 4, 2001 - Minor update to the Protector page... Stop in and check out the shuttlebay pic in the "Current Issues" section.

JULY 1, 2001 - Recently the first "fan built" Galaxy Quest surface scanner prop appeared on eBay and confirmed what I though... the "lid" assembly on the thing is the focusing hood off a camera!  I'm trying to hunt down exactly which one it is, and if anybody finds out, please let me know! :)

JUNE 03, 2001 - The blueprint project is going on summer hiatus... time permitting I'll do some work on the prints, but for the most part I be off doing summer things :)  The Protector CAD's are on hold till September,  I'll be doing updates on the shuttle soon, and the "surface tracker" is relatively simple so I'll be putting something up in this month. 

MAY 14, 2001- I've started work on a new set of blueprints, the "surface tracker", and should be staring the page in the blueprint area late this week.  I've had to postpone the Shuttle updates till next weekend.

APR 21 /2001 -  I've done a bit more refining of the shuttle side and top views.

APR 9, 2001 -  The big news this week is that I've started the Shuttle blueprint page, they're very rough but it's a start!  I've also updated the rough view a bit to reflect the "series" version of the Nebulizer.  I've decided that I won't post the Protector CAD files till I have at least one good 3 view set finished.

APR 1, 2001 - I'll be putting the finishing touches on the Protector CAD overhead view and may be posting the first set of rough views in the next couple weeks. I also start work on the Shuttle Prints this week and will be doing updates to the Nebulizer prints.

I'd like to thank everyone that's offered help and words of encouragement... but due to time constraints, no significant participation, and a fair number of nasty "where are they!!!...  Gimme"  emails recently, I will no longer be working towards any target dates... I'm still working on various new and updated Galaxy Quest Blueprints, but from now on, they'll be ready when they're ready..   After more then a year scrounging references, working by myself, and spending hundreds on eBay getting prop reference, I'm getting burnt out... complaints that the prints are taking too long don't help.

Because of time restraints and lack of participation, no new projects (i.e. the shuttle) will be started till I finish the Protector CAD prints. 

FEB 18, 2001 - Another slow month!  I hope to have some new updates in April.  I hope to have some rough views of the shuttle in a few weeks.   

JAN 21, 2001 - The prints are coming along slowly.  I'll be starting the shuttle print pages in the next several weeks.  

DEC 30, 2000 - It's the beginning of our 2nd year and I've begun planning for 2001.  I'd like to thank K.J. Karvonen for all the help with reference material over the last year!   Unfortunately give limitations on time, lack references detailed references, and participation being much lighter then I'd hoped for, I've had to scale back to 3 planned sets of prints in 2001:
     1. Expanded CAD versions of the Protector prints
     2. Ion Nebulizer Prints
     3. Shuttle prints
I may add additional prints as time permits. I'm currently working on the Nebulizer Prints, have the Protector CAD prints in the beginning phases, and still doing preliminary R&D for the shuttles prints.  

DEC 25, 2000 -  I've started the Ion Nebulizer page put up a preliminary side view!

DEC 15, 2000 -  It's been a while, but I've finally updated the Protector prints to scans of actual prop blueprints!  In other news it looking like the first set of Nebulizer prints will be ready sometime around the end of December or beginning of January (depending on time) I've hit a few snags that are slowing things down.   I'm pushing back the CAD version of the protector prints to end of January or beginning of February.   

OCT 28, 2000 - I've got some great new reference material coming in the next couple weeks, so I'm holding off posting any new work till they show up.  Good news, with the new reference material,  is that I should be able to have accurate side view of the Ion Nebulizer hand weapon up sometime November (or sooner)

OCT 14,/2000 - I've added the Thermian Appearance Generator Blueprints!

OCT 8, 2000 - I've made a couple minor corrections to the VOX prints. I've decided to hold off putting up the cad files till the site moves to it permanent home.  If you REALLY want a set before the contact The QuestarianSEP 16, 2000 - I've reworked and refined the VOX blueprints to a 2 sheet version!  Will be putting up the full cad files in a few days.

SEP 13, 2000 - It's amazing what you can do with a little software!  The first set of VOX blueprints are done! Coming soon, Sheet 2 - The VOX Open.  Also on the Way Thermian Appearance Generator Prints!

SEP 10, 2000 - VOX blueprints updated!  I've decided to do all future work with an actual CAD program, and I'll will also be looking at converting the Protector Prints some time in the future.

SEP 2, 2000 - I've split the Protector Blueprints off from the Blueprint Projects main page to make room for the new VOX blueprints!

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