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July  2, 2003 - I've had a couple questions come up about the Starcrafts Protector model, so for the record:

  • To the best of my knowledge there are currently no licensed model kits, toys or prop reproduction from Galaxy Quest.  
    As such any items that are out there are gray market... Which is to say at very best there's a "gray area" as to the license status of the item... or in other words there a good chance it a pirate product. 

  • The Questarian is not involved with the creation, production or sales of the Starcrafts kit... so I don't know when it'll be ready, I can't help you with problems, and I'm not taking orders.
    While it does appear that the Questarian's Protector blueprints, as well as the URL to the Protector blueprint project's main page, are being used in Starcrafts instructions (see photos in Starship modeler's review),  as far as I'm aware, no one Identifying themselves a "Starcrafts" has talked to us about a kit, asked permission to use the prints or asked permission to list the URL of this site as a reference source in their documentation. 

  • The Questarian is not endorsing the Starcrafts model in any way. 
    Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware
    ! As the quality of gray market kits vary wildly, I know nothing about Starcrafts, and I've yet to see the model myself, I can't recommend it.  It will be listed in the "GQ for sale" page at some point, but for reference purposes only!  If I get one I certainly will review it, or if anybody out there has one, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

MAR 17, 2002 - I've put up the Web viewable version (DWF) of the prints. See the main blueprint page (Click the back above) for details on downloading a viewer.

Well, it's been a long haul, but Alan & I agree that it's time to put up the Beta version of the Protector CAD's for review and feedback.  While there are a few issues with the command module to work out, the prints are 95% completed.  

DEC 30, 2001 - It's been slow going, but we're very close to completing the CAD prints... Just a couple minor details!  This has been a "as time permits" project, so I expect that, with a little luck,  within the next couple months It'll finally be done!

AUG 26, 2001 - Check out the sneak preview of the new cad prints! 

Alan and I are still working out the details so It's still a work in progress... I'm optimistic that, time and schedules permitting, we'll be releasing the finished prints sometime within the next several months.

JULY 11, 2001 - For those of you that have been waiting for the Protector CAD's to be finished, there's good news! over the last several weeks Alan Sinclair has picked work on the Protector prints and has created some fantastic CAD blueprints!  It's still a bit of a work in progress, but they're coming along quickly so stay tuned!

JULY 4, 2001 - Minor update... Check out the pic of the shuttle bay in the "current issues" section below.

JUNE 3, 2001 - The blueprint project is going on summer hiatus... time permitting I'll do some work on the prints, but for the most part I be off doing summer things :)  The Protector CAD's are on hold till September.

APR 1, 2001 - I'll be putting the finishing touches on the CAD overhead view and may be posting the first set of rough views in the next couple weeks. 

I'd like to thank everyone that's offered help and words of encouragement... but due to time constraints, no significant participation, and a fair number of nasty "where are they!!!...  Gimme"  emails recently, I will no longer be working towards any target dates... I'm still working on various new and updated Galaxy Quest Blueprints, but from now on, they'll be ready when they're ready.   After more then a year scrounging references, finding the time and energy, working by myself, and spending hundreds on eBay getting prop reference, I'm getting burnt out... complaints that the prints are taking too long don't help. As the Current set of Graphic Prints offer the most direct reference to actual prop blueprints currently available,  It's my feeling that the Protector CAD prints are just extras.  The intent of creating CAD versions of the prints was to make it easier for me, or whoever takes up the challenge,  to update in the future.  My primary goal for the prints was to give hobbyist a starting point for building Galaxy Quest vehicles, and I feel that I've have done that.   While I'd love to offer the world a full set of definitive prints, unless I get REALLY lucky what I have now, other then a few tweaks in detail, is as good as it's going to get. 

FEB 18, 2001 - I've been working on the Protector CAD prints and they're coming along slowly.  At this point the CAD prints are extended versions of the current graphic prints with some added details that were vague or missing from the prop version.  the CAD version is basically traced from the prop prints so there are no huge new revelations in these.  I've decided that when I've finished these current CAD versions, I'll be closing the active portion of the Protector blueprint project.  I'll do update as new reference material becomes available.  The only additional Protector related prints I may do sometime in the future will be deck plans (Possibly late 2001 or Early 2002)

JAN 21, 2001 - Because of time & energy constraints work is progressing slowly.  I hope to have the first CAD sets finished possibly by the end of April. I'll be posting previews as available.

DEC 15, 2000 - I've updated the blueprint views to those taken from actual prop blueprints.  With the exception of the front view (which needs work) these prints are as accurate as we're going to get short of getting a set of prints for the shooting miniature. These will be the last updates to the graphic version of the protector prints I'll be doing.  All future Protector prints will be done using CAD software.

OCT 28, 2000 - I've just received several new references!  the big news it that we now have a overhead and top view from prop blueprints!   The top view is almost as good as current side view... the front view is from a prop t-shirt... so it'll take a bit of work to pull a good scan.

OCT 15, 2000 - I'm going to be working on set of Protector Prints using a CAD program, changing/correcting the graphic version is a pain!  Given the time required, and the general crappy health I've been in lately, It'll be December - January before the first set is up.  I'll also be starting in a set of internal deck plans as soon as the first set of outside views are completed.

SEP 2, 2000 - I haven't had a chance to do much with the Protector prints in August... Hopefully I'll have the time, energy and inspiration to do more on them in September... It should be noted that I'm reaching the limit of what I can do with the material available.

JULY 27, 2000 - I've Added 18 New reference photo's (Page 2)  taken from one of the Protector Shooting models!  I've finally been able to have the pic's be rather large... which should be a nice change of pace:)  The pics where scanned at 300 dpi from 6" x 4" photo prints and If anyone has the need for a larger versions just let me know.   I'll be working on adding details to the blueprint over the next couple weeks

JUNE 18, 2000 - Work has slowed down a bit over the last month... I've updated the forward view (which is the front view I used in the screen saver)  More first hand references are on the way so with any luck in a couple weeks I'll be adding a lot more details.

MAY 13, 2000 - The overhead view has had a major reworking based on the side view and a fair scan of a overhead prop blueprint I found.  The new top view is much more accurate (overall I was very close) and I was able to get about 70% - 80% of the details from electronic tracings.  The forward pods needs work and bridge and dorsal detail need to be refined.  More on the way :)

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