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Where Can I get these Items? ...Can you help me find...?

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The Obligatory Introduction!
A while back it was suggested that I start a page of Galaxy Quest Collectable Items... It took me a while but here it is!

This is a page of known collectables... It is by no means a complete and definitive list, but it's a start.  The list is meant to be a general reference of collectable Items.   If you know of additional Items, which I know there are tons of, or see errors  please let me know at: GalaxyQuest

Where Can I get these Items? ...Can you help me find...?
PLEASE NOTE: Because I can not guarantee the quality and authenticity of items, or the integrity of a seller, I am unable to reply to requests for assistance in locating sources of collectable items.  I also do not have, nor do I intend to offer in the future, Items from my own collection, or other peoples personal collections,  for sale on this site. 

If you're looking for collectable Items, try searching Internet auction sites such as eBay periodically.  These sites often offer "wanted" message areas that may help you find the items you are looking for

The other option is to search out movie memorabilia dealers on the net.  Try  search terms such as:  "movie prop", "movie memorabilia"  "Galaxy Quest prop", Etc. Bookmark the sites you find and check them regularly... what they don't  have today, tomorrow they may!

Big Buck Collectables
If you're a fan, want to own a major screen prop (or as close to real as large sums of cash can get) and money is no object, I have Two words of advice:

  • Authenticate - The big items should all have DreamWorks COA's... If you have the bucks and don't know the seller, check out their background!
  • Insure! Insure! Insure!

Galaxy Quest Prop Collectables on a Budget
If you'd like to own a bit of the movie and don't feel like paying thousands (dollars, pounds, yen... Etc) The most affordable pieces are the convention scene props... They made quite a bit of the stuff so it's not overlay "rare"  at this point.  Though I must caution you:

  • BEWARE OF CLAIMS THAT AN ITEM WAS "SCREEN USED."  It is important to remember that  they made a lot of convention scene prop items that where not used in filming.  While these are legitimate prop collectables.  Unless the are accompanied by a DreamWorks C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity) there is no way of determining whether it a actuall screen used prop or a spare.
  • In total very few convention scene Items came with a COA  from DreamWorks, and none of the smaller paper Items that I'm aware of came with COA's.
  • Third Party COA's are not 100% guarantees - Ask around.  I apologies to all the legit dealers in advance, but there's a lot of dealers out there that'll fake anything for a buck.
  • There have been a lot of claims by sellers that their Galaxy Quest "screen used" convention scene props " are clearly visible in the film"... the exact definition of "clearly visible" tends to be a bit foggy.  In general... if you have to run through the convention scene 8 times and still frame the video/DVD to see it, it's NOT clearly visible. 
  • While convention scene props are relatively inexpensive, try to keep in mind what in this context "relatively" means. As of Mid 2001, One of the significant "screen used" props will run at least $1500 - $3000, but  the "average" convention scene props can run form around $20 to several hundreds (depending on what it is)  For example, a convention ID (like the one above) will typically cost around $20-$50 depending on dealer, condition and current demand....  one of the "fan" Lazarus heads can easily go for $300-$800.
  • Remember that the longer you wait to pick up these items, the more expensive it'll be!
  • Most of the pieces weren't designed with a long lifespan or extended handling in mind, so they require a lot of TLC... Items like the Prop toy boxes degrade VERY easily.

The Best Non-Screen Used Collectables
The best non-screen used GQ collectables have to be the promotional drinking glasses and the 8 card Promo trading cards.  The cards are great quality and fairly common which make them a great buy! .  The drinking glasses are my personal favorite! While I wouldn't recommend them for day-to-day use, they're wonderfully kitchy, and are bound (and breakable enough) to appreciate in value over the years... One word of caution:  Don't be fooled by the COA that comes with the glasses... the ALL say "274 of 1500"

Kits & Reproductions
I expect a number of Garage kit and small model making companies will be offering Galaxy Quest Items over the next several years (I know of at least 3 works in progress) These Items, while a little gray in the area of licensing, should give fans the opportunity to have something close to a prop piece from the film with out paying thousands.  Because  the majority of these class of  kit/reproductions are unlicensed, the quality and accuracy varies wildly from maker to maker (and even kit to kit)  BE AWARE: These items DO NOT APPRECIATE IN VALUE... At best 20 year old gray market  kit is worth today what it was worth 20 years ago.  In VERY rare cases (such as the Star Trek phaser knock-off kit know as "the 23 century Pistol Kit) the quality and value of the item is so good and or it becomes so well known (or some how associated back to  the series)...  it does appreciate somewhat in value over time... but that's a very RARE situation.  Bottom Line: buy these items because it would be cool to have one, not as an investment!  

When buying gray market props and kits keep in mind that, particularly early on and/or when there isn't any good reference material readily available,  they aren't going to be 100% accurate!!!  This is normal!!!   A lot of fan built and gray market kits are based on eyeball measurements.  screenshots, and a lot of good educated guesses... as time progresses designs are refined  and new references become available, so accuracy will increase.

If you are at all unsure about an item, especially if it's on someplace like eBay, be sure to ask the sellers questions about the kit  or prop -  After you buy it is to late to complain it isn't what you expected! 
Here's an example of a "fan built"  surface scanner that showed up on eBay. The first question you should be asking is: "Why is his thumb covering the middle?", did he miss the "switch" detail? (in this case, yes he did miss the button) Ask everything! ASSUME NOTHING! 

I highly recommend checking out sites like  This is a great resource for information and sources for on all sorts sci-fi kits!  

The List

Press/VIP Items
These are Items given to the press to promote the film 

Press Kits several variations.
Video Press Kit (VHS, 3/4")
"Fan Club" Press promotional poster
"Fan Club" ID Card
"fan" News Letter
3 "Autographed" cast pictures
Key Ring (round with Logo on one side and "Galaxy Quest" on other)
"Space Pen" pen in case not sure if this was a general promotional or a press promotional item
Calculator display cover that flips open - Basic function LCD calculator with Galaxy Quest Logo on display cover. not sure if this was a general promotional or a press promotional item
Promotional glasses (boxed set of 4 & fake Certificate of authentic "274 of 1500") not sure if this was a general promotional or a press promotional item


Theatrical Promotional Items
Items Used in promotion of the film in Theaters

Movie lobby Poster (regional and size variations)
Light Box Mylar
Hanging Protector mobile
Movie trailer


General Promotional Items
Item given to the general public to promote the Film

T-shirt - White Cotton with blue logos
Cloth Baseball Cap with Seal
Promotional Buttons (2 variations)
Promotional trading cards (wrapping, 8+cover card) Despite what is often said on eBay, these cards are rather common at the moment.
Promotional refrigerator magnet
Promotional Frisbee
Light up super ball with Logo
?Fisher Space Pen - "DreamWorks" on pen - Galaxy Quest sticker/logo on case


Video Related Items
Home video related

Product displays
Store posters
Store Promotional flyers
Region X VHS (PAL/NTSC) - English Subtitles
Region X DVD


Film Used Props
Props items used in the filming of Galaxy Quest - Most Items came with DreamWorks COA - number in parentheses are the legitimate number believed to have been offered at auction of given to the general public.

Ion Nebulizer ( at least one was given away as a prize)
VOX Communicator - Solid (2-3)
VOX Communicator - Hero (2-3)
Surface Scanner (1)
Large surface scanner (1)
Large PDA panel (1)
Thermian Appearance Generator - Solid
Thermian Appearance Generator - Hero (1)
Electronic Binoculars (1-2)
Sarris's torture device (1)
Protector models (2-3)
Lizard/fish head (2- 1 finished / 1 unfinished) - Not know if these where spares or screen used
Galaxy Quest Logo Pendant - Either the one worn by Sam Rockwell (aka Guy) or spare. (1-3)


Film Used Costumes
Screen Used Costumes

Costume - Sigourney Weaver
Costume - Tim Allen (partial)
Costume - Tim Allen (Series version)


Convention Scene Props
These are Items Used in the Convention Scene - Very few of these Items came with DreamWorks COA's.  There appears to be quite a bit of this stuff out there, and novice collectors should not that these are PROP items and not real... the just LOOK like they're "real"... most are empty , blank and/or not ment to stand up to day-to-day use!

Toy Box - Protector
Toy Box - VOX
Toy Box - Nebulizer
Toy Box - Shield
ID badge (Plastic - Centered circle attaching to rectangular body)
T-shirt (Various)
Galaxy Quest Wall Clock (Many with COA)
Galaxy Quest Wall Piece (COA?)
Sweat shirt
Series Scripts
License plate Frame
Mugs - Ceramic
Mugs - Plastic Travel mug ?
Boxed Trading cards set
Galaxy Quest Series videotape
Blueprints (at least 2 variations)
Foam Protector
Poster - Young Tommy (same version seen on Brandon's Door)
large Protector poster
convention Poster (several Variations)
"Lost Episode" Poster
GQ Credit Card Applications
Convention flyer
Autograph book
"Fan" version of Dr. Lazarus head piece
"Bad Guy" alien head piece
GQ Technical Manual
Fan Club Banners (various)
Tote bag/day pack (COA) Auctioned on


There are non-film used Items

ILM effects trading card (?) these are a set of card made for (and by?) the ILM effects team - Have seen offered only once
Crew Jacket - Offered on Ebay
12" Toy Figures Prototypes - VERY RARE
Galaxy Quest Novel - Children's book
Galaxy Quest Novel
Promotional Galaxy Quest Movie Score
Starlog - (#?) Galaxy Quest Cover - Tim Allen & Alan Rickman on Cover
DreamWatch (#68?) Sigourney Weaver on Cover


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