Protector II: The Aftermath
A Fanfic by Lil_Prancer

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Protector II: The Aftermath

A Fanfic by Lil_Prancer

*Two years have passed since the War Of Innocence. It is bittersweet for the Thermians, as they don't have Sarris on their tail anymore,but neither do they have a home. (their home planet, Theramin, *still sounds like BettaMin mixed with TheraFlu!* was blown up by Sarris and the Fatu-Krey*weird name, huh?*during the War Of Innocence.) Their only hope for a planet is

to find another planet(like they were doing in the first place!), or by some chance, find a piece of their old planet. Let's look closer and see what they're doing.(and hope that they don't get into anymore scrapes!)*

Chapter 1: A New Home?

Everything was going well on the Protector II. Sarris was no more, and the Fatu-Krey were too scared to bother the Thermians anymore(or were they?). So Teb flew the ship to the spaceport so they could fix it. The Thermians got to work. Teb & Lank were especially busy. "The hull is a little cracked, so I will need some putty." said Lank. Teb handed him the putty, saying, "Here you go. What cracked it?" Lank replied, "I believe when the Falcon exploded, that one of the pieces came flying at our ship and it cracked & burned it. That is probably how Sarris escaped into our ship. Anyhow, do you think we ought to consult the Commander about scouting out a new planet?" Teb replied, "Yes. I miss our home planet badly. But, we'd have to make sure that Lilt will not push any buttons on our scouting. He's notorious for doing that." It was true. Lilt Kaplan, being 5 yrs. of age and VERY energetic, was notorious for pushing the buttons on the Protector II.

"LUNCHTIME!!!!" yelled Katiana from the ship. Hearing this, Teb's head shot up and he said, "Let's go! It's LUNCHTIME!!!" Lank shook his head and smiled. Teb was always thinking about food. So they went in to lunch. While they were eating, Lilt saw something that he liked. He then thought, "Maybe if I can come out of my costume a little, I can get that item." And so he did come out of his costume. Lith, Lilt's older twin, stifled a giggle. But before he could get the item, Mathesar spotted him. "I saw that." was all he said. Lilt got back in his costume. Everybody laughed. After lunch, the ship was fixed. So they all went into the ship. Teb had already talked with Cmdr. Karinkma(that's Mathesar's last name) on the idea of looking for a new planet. They had just found a possible candidate for settling on, when Lilt decided he would push a green button. And yet again, Mathesar spotted him. And yet again.... he said, "I saw that." So Lilt didn't push the button.

After that, they all went into the pod. Katiana was staring out the window, Teb was writing down technical stuff, Neru & Lank, the twins, were falling asleep, and Mathesar, well, I'll say this, he was playing casual like he usually did when he was nervous. Then they heard the whoosh of the airlock decompressing, and they all went outside. Then, they heard a strange noise. An extremely strange noise. And then, a voice. "Hellooooooo out there. Anyone heeeeeeeeere?" is what it said. Teb jumped. Neru looked around, while Lank walked to the pod and fell asleep. Mathesar wasn't too ready to confront whatever it was, but he stepped forward. Katiana just stood and stared. And then, it stepped out........

Chapter 2- Animals From The Past

It was a horse! Lank was still asleep, so Teb went out to confront it(and maybe catch it). The "horse" sprinted away, and it suddenly hit them that the "horse" was not a horse. "What was that?" asked Lilt. "It was an Equus hopperus," Quellek replied(it turned out that Quellek got captured in the Digital Conveyor room and he fell on a button that projected a hologram of himself, and it was the hologram that got shot.), "Or, the common name is Ponyhopper. I'm wondering if the captured Ponyhoppers escaped off the Falcon the same way Sarris did when it exploded, as the species used to exist on Theramin." "How could they escape? They would certainly disappear, due to the lack of air in space!" Lilt replied. "The Ponyhoppers could have leaped to the planet, considering their speed and strength.", Quellek answered. He was now Chief of Livestock Security and Specimens.

Lilt grinned. It was the first time he had seen a ponyhopper. "Can we catch one?" asked Lith.

Quellek then replied, "It is difficult to, but not impossible".

Just then, Lank woke up. He sleepily asked "What is going on?". Quellek told him.

Suddenly, Lank spotted a tree. He had tested that tree for edibility, and it was positive.

So, he ate some of the fruit, when suddenly, he started flying! And then, while in the air, he flipped upside down!

He screeched and screeched in surprise. Everyone turned to look.

"Well, that is part of my list of strange food items," said Quellek.

The Thermians were silent.

"Well, then," said Mathesar, "we can now explore this planet we landed on."

Everyone got ready to explore, but then, disaster struck!

Chapter 3-Surprises, Surprises

A fuzzy animal with eight legs ran at them! He growled and hissed, and then more and more and

MORE of them appeared, making a stampede!

They all ran, right when a few ponyhoppers ran in front of them. They jumped on the ponyhoppers and rode to safety.

"What WERE those animals?" asked a very frightened Katiana. "They are arachnus spillerus, also known as Spillers," Quellek said, "and they are very vicious."

"Well, I am pleased that they are gone now," said Teb, "so that we can explore in peace."

Suddenly they heard two voices in unison. They said, "Look! Maybe they can help us!"

All the Thermians turned around. They looked at the two girls staring at them.

Mathesar stared back. "Identify yourselves!"

He did not mean it in a cruel way, he was just copying the protocol of the Galaxy Quest "historical documents".

The pair grinned. "Okie dokie, Cmdr. M, we'll show our ID."

One was wearing a shirt with a horse on it. The other was wearing a jade green, long sleeved shirt.

"I'm Pony," said the girl with the green shirt, "and this is Taie. We were riding our American Ponyhoppers and we got beamed up by a spaceship. This weird green dude told us to hand over Fly By Night and Anything But Ordinary, our ponyhoppers. We refused, of course, and he took us here. He demanded that we catch some ponyhoppers to give him."

Mathesar was alarmed. "What did he look like?"

The two replied, "Like a weird lizard."

The Thermian commander stood up, vindicated. "Taika! I knew it! He IS tracking us!"

He then explained about what he just said.

Chapter 4-Taika, Twin of Sarris

And so, Cmdr. Karinkma began on the story.

"Tada Taika is Sarris' twin. He is just like Sarris, yet a little less cunning.

He is angry over Sarris going,-as you humans say-,kapoot.

And until last year, no one had known of him or his plans."

Pony interrupted. "So, in our words, you would say he has it in for ya'll?"

Mathesar looked a little annoyed at being interrupted, but he answered her question.

"Yes. He has it in for us."

Pony frowned and wrinkled her nose. "Yuck. What a leadhead! And asking peeps they don't know for a pair of ponyhoppers? What is that?!"

-"A leadhead? What is that?"

--"Oops, sorry, it's my little word for mean people."

Teb spoke up. "Exactly! You speak the truth!"


Pony shivered. "Uh-oh! Like, we're in the doghouse BIG time!"

The group fell silent. Teb was sticking his ear up to the rocks to see which direction the sound was coming from, Lank, (as usual) was sleeping, Lith was curled up in a ball, and Katiana was holding her breath.

Suddenly, Lith kicked a rock. It opened a entrance, which led you into a tunnel.

They all went through the tunnel, when suddenly they ended up in a cave and heard Mathesar gasp....

Chapter 5-An Amazing Discovery

Teb jumped. He had heard the Cmdr. gasp and seen his left hand shake.

"What is wrong, Commander?" he asked.

Mathesar was slow to reply, but he said in a shaky voice, "S-see that...that..that book on the ground?"

He then gently picked it up off the floor, and blew the dust off of it.

The cover inlet had the pic of a ponyhopper, and inside the cover there was a hand-written


It read(in Thermian):



Teb gasped. Pony asked, "Is this a journal from your youth?"

Mathesar nodded. Suddenly, a round locket slipped from the pages! Pony gasped, then peeked inside. It held a pic of a male & female Thermian, who Pony guessed were Mathesar's parents, and someone else, who looked like Mathesar, except for he had blue eyes.

Taie asked, "Is that a TWIN I see?"

Mathesar nodded. "We were separated a long time ago by Sarris. I escaped, so did he; yet I do not where he is."

He clipped the locket to his collar.

A voice rang out. "General!! They're here!!!"

From then on, things went haywire.

Chapter 6-Realization & Trouble!!!!!!

The Thermians all darted in a room of the cave. Pony nervously asked, "What'll happen if they catch us?"

Teb answered, "I do not know and I do not want to know."

Suddenly, Lith disappeared!! "A secret tunnel!!!" yelped Pony. They all escaped down the tunnel.

When they got out, they found Taika, who captured them all.

"Hah!!! Try that again, but you won't get away now!!!"

Mathesar glared at him. "And who speaks this nonsense?"

Taika merely replied, "I do."

Pony whispered to Taie, "It's go time." She uncoiled some rope and lassoed Taika.

"You two won't get away with this!!!!" he yelled.

They all ran back to the shuttle, hoping that Taika would not work free and chase them.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the cast of The New Adventures of Galaxy Quest were waiting for Jason Nesmith, who was being late as usual. "Golly," said Gwen, "I hope his car didn't break down."

"Naaaaa.. he's just usual," said Tommy. Fred had nothing to say, because he was busy cramming a tuna fish sandwich in his mouth. Laliari was also eating one.

Alex sighed. "When is that guy going to chug up here?"

But Gwen's suspicions were right. Jason's car had indeed broken down. "Dang it. I wish I could have the Thermians' Omega 13 right now, cuz if I hadn't passed the gas station.....well, just dang it!!!" He then started to wonder how the Thermians might be doing right now. "Didn't Teb say that they were all that was left? Does this mean they are almost homeless now? And why didn't we think of orbiting the earth to enter it together?" he thought curiously.

The tow truck fi-nal-ly came, and interrupted his thoughts.

Chapter 7-Emergency Meeting!!!

Meanwhile, back on the ship, the Thermians all were in the conference room. Mathesar had arranged an emergency meeting.

Teb had thought of something. "Can we just fight Taika off? He is a chicken, as the American humans say."

Mathesar sighed. "We will see."

Pony was whispering to Taie about something that nearly made her roll on the floor, laughing.

"Remember when we were walking through the hallway to the conference room? Well, I saw this Thermian lady walking behind Mathesar and batting her lashes at him!!! I think she's sweet on him.

I can't tell if Mathesar liked it or not, cuz she was right behind him where he couldn't see."

Taie cracked up. "Oh no, someone's got a groupie!!!!"

Unfortunately, the lady was right there, listening. The girls had not seen her.

She turned to face the two. "I heard that!!!"

Pony & Taie whirled around. Taie said nervously, "I think we'd better go."

"Uh-huh, I think so, too," said the lady.

Pony & Taie trotted off. The lady, who's name was Kikandra, faced Mathesar, giggling.

"Well, Mathie, what is your plan of action?" She batted her lashes.

Pony giggled. "Poor guy!!! That nickname is awfully embarrasing!!!"

Mathesar looked annoyed. "We are going to avoid Taika as much as we can, and only fight if we must."

"Oh, my!!!! Good plan," said Kikandra, still smirking.

"And please do not call me that nickname!!" said the Thermian commander, quite embarrased & annoyed.

"What, nickname, Mathie?" asked Kikandra.

"You just said it."

But the squabble was broken by a torpedo blast to the ship!!!!

Chapter 8-A Call For Help

All the Thermians jumped. "Torpedo alert," intoned the computer.

Mathesar was in full Commander mode now. "Raise the command deck," he shouted, "and see what is the matter."

In a few minutes, the command deck was raised and the viewscreen on.

"Your message to be sent, sir?" asked the messenger, whose name was Kapin.

Mathesar replied, "Who are you? Identify yourself!"

But he thought to himself, "I think I know who it is. Just have to make sure."

Meanwhile, on the Falcon 2, the Fatu-Krey messenger had received the message that Kapin sent.

"General," said Kanrie, the messenger, "I have received a message from the Protector II. Your suspicions are right."

Taika, who was busy writing a warning message to Taggart(not knowing which one was Cmdr. on the Protector II), asked, "What does the message say?"

"It asks, sir, who we are and also asks of us to identify ourselves," replied Kanrie.

"And which suspicions of mine are correct?" asked Taika.

"Lt. Cmdr. Mathesar Karinkima of the Thermians, that escape artist who always escaped out of you brother's brig, is now Commander of the Thermians," Kanrie replied.

"I knew it!!!" shouted Taika. "Tell him he KNOWS who we are."

Mathesar, on receiving Taika's reply, sighed. "Yes," he said, "this confirms it. Taika wants revenge. However, that is stupidity, as he knows he's a coward."

"Kapin, tell him this: We are going to have a little chat on Zeta frequency."

"Yes, sir," said Kapin.

"And please consult Cmdr. Taggart via Interstellar Vox."

"Yes, sir."

Chapter 9: Late Again

Jason had just gotten to the GQ Con, and albeit he was infamous for being late, he was in a bad mood. Tommy saw him walk into the door, and groaned. "Can it get any later than this?" he asked.

Guy, however, could tell that something other than Jason's reputation had made him late.

"Tommy, he doesn't look too psyched. Don't crush his gig."

"What happened," Gwen asked, "with you?"

Jason sighed. "I had to get my car towed to the gas station because it ran out of juice."

"Ouch!" said Fred. "Did you bring any snacks back?"

Lailari shushed him on this. "Quiet!!! His car broke down!!!"

Jason sat down. He stared at the Vox that the Thermians gave him.

"You ever wondered what happened to them?" asked Jason.

"Happened to WHOM?" Alex asked.

"The Thermians on the Protector II. They would keep contact with their heroes, wouldn't they? And....they said they were all that is left. What does that mean?"

Lailari sighed. "I can answer one of your questions. My old planet was blown up by the evil Sarris. My people are homeless now, unless you count the Protector II as a home."

"Huh," said Tommy. "That's purty sad.

But what answered all of Jason's questions was a tone from the Thermian Vox Communicator!!!!!

Chapter 10: The Transmission

Mathesar was frequently punching a button on his Vox, trying to contact Jason. The vox was fuzzy sounding and messing up, and therefore, he was also hissing and squawking at it. First, it was a muttering of annoyance, rather like, "Hi-hi-hi!!!!!!!!! Stop stop stop!!!"

Then, it became a yelp of being ticky. "Hiya-hiya-hiya-hiya!" (Hiya means "stop up" in Thermian. It is the Thermian equivalent of "Shut up".)

And soon.....well, it became a cry of true Thermian frustration. Sometimes Thermians can be quite patient. Unfortunately, this was not one those times. "Hiyate!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelped. Uh-oh. If you thought the word hiya was pretty bad for a Thermian, guess what? Hiyate is worse. It basically means....."Stop it right now!!!!"


Finally, he got through. "Commander Taggart? Are you there?"

Back on Earth, Jason was listening in the vox. He spoke in a rush. "Mathesar?! Is that you? What's wrong?"

Mathesar was quick to reply. "Yes, this is Cmdr. Mathesar Karinkima of the Thermians speaking. I must enlist your help. We are being tracked and followed by Tada Taika, twin brother of Sarris. He is cognizant of the fact that Sarris was our enemy. He also knows of you and your crew."

Jason looked confused. "Wha-at? Sarris had a twin? Why didn't you tell me?"

Mathesar replied, "Yes, he had a twin. The reason is that we never truly knew. Well, my twin said he knew."

Jason gasped. "Mathesar! You have a twin, too?"

"Yes sir-OH NO!!!!!"

The transmission stopped.

Chapter 11: The Negotiation

Mathesar was cut off by Taika, who had just come up on zeta frequency.

Calling his crew, the Thermian commander trotted to the viewscreen. "I see you have responded," said he, "and I am not going to let you try to harm me and/or my people."

"Ha!" scoffed Taika. "So the escape artist thinks he is commander now, huh?"

Mathesar glared. "I am a commander no less than you are a general. AND I did not nominate myself. Cmdr. Taggart did. Watch what you say."

"Cmdr. Taggart?" The alien general laughed. "What makes you think he is a commander?"

Pony glared. "The historical documents, of course!!!!!!!" She knew that it was only a show, but she stood up for her new friends. Taie rolled her eyes.

"What I want to know now, Karinkima, is what you are up to. This was supposed to be an negotiation, so, negotiate," Taika snapped.

Mathesar replied, "Very well. First, why are you tracking us? Next of all, why did you torpedo our ship? We have not fired on you."

Taie interrupted. "And last of all, why on earth do you have a GIRL's name?"

Pony giggled, but she poked Taie in the ribs as to say, "They're negotiating! Don't interrupt!"

Taika growled, "First, you are all at fault of the fact that my brother is gone. And, my brother seemed to dislike you, soooo there! Next, it was to get your attention." Then, pointing a glare at Pony & Taie, he said, "And lastly, I DON'T have a girl's name!!"

Taika then made a statement. "Karinkima, you do not know what you are getting into."

Mathesar stiffened. "Do not call me by my last name. If you do, call me Commander Karinkima. But please just call me Commander."

Taika smirked. "All right, Com-man-der, then listen: These are kinder negotiations than usual. I demand three things: that I get the last word, I get a confession of the fact that you, Karinkima, called Cmdr. Taggart as part of a rebellion, and that....I get the Omega 13. Follow these EXACTLY, or else."

He then flickered on the viewscreen, and disappeared.

Chapter 12: A Little Bit of Guidance

They all were silent.

"Hmph!" muttered Kikandra. "My Mathie did not start a rebellion. He just got help, because you-know-who was terrorizing us."

Mathesar was not too pleased with Kikandra's dubbing him of the nickname "Mathie", but, oh well, she was right.

Teb asked, "What do we do now?"

"Well, I must recontact Cmdr. Taggart," said Mathesar, "and ask that he help me with this quandry."

"And," he added, "we must get to our new planet as soon as possible. I am cognizant of the fact that our new homeland, and the wildlife that lives there could be in danger."

Teb grinned. "Alright, then, let's go!!!!"

Later, Mathesar, Teb, Pony, Taie, Quellek, Cadia(a medic), & Lahnk boarded the shuttle.

Katiana, Kikandra, Neru, Kapin, Lithian(Lith for short), Liltian & the rest of the Thermians stayed on the ship.

Mathesar sent Jason a Vox Communicator signal. Jason picked up almost immediately. "Hello....Mathesar? Is that you?"

"Yes, it is me. Would you and your crew help us out?"

"Yes, I'll get them on the line."

Soon the shuttle landed, and everyone got out.

Suddenly, Cadia gasped. "Look! It seems that we are on a fragment of the planet Theramin!!"

It was a happy sight. But they had to keep on moving.

Jason, over the vox, asked Mathesar, "Would you brief me a little more on ya'll's mission?"

"Okay. I have learned from Taika that he demands the last word in everything, that I confess to starting a "rebellion" when I merely got help to save myself & my people from Sarris, and that I give him the Omega 13. I am in danger. Taika thinks I am the one who killed Sarris. That I am the one that had him go, to not return to fight another day. I am not the one who did that. I believe it was you."

Jason replied, "No, you're not the one who did that. I did. And Sarris endangered you and your crew. So what do you need?"

Mathesar sighed again. "I need to know what to do about this new demand."

Chapter 13: Demands & Building

Whatever was going on at the time of settling, settling did occur. A new spaceport was built to land the Protector II. All the Thermians were on the new planet, and they built houses to live in.

The first Thermian military base was built, quite near the Ponyia River, or the Ponyhopper River, which runs through woods where ponyhoppers live. More negotiations, though, were to come.

One day, one of those negotiations started.

Mathesar was sitting up at the command deck of the Protector II.

He was waiting impatiently for Taika to pop up on the screen. He had just raised him on zeta frequency. Finally, Taika did pop up. "Hah!" he scoffed. "So have you followed my demands? I will be hoping so."

Mathesar glared. "For your information, the Omega 13 is too securely molded into the ship. Also, I did not start a rebellion against Sarris' empire. I merely got help for the safety of myself and my people. And lastly, you shan't get the last word. will not be good."

"Listen, Karinkima," said Taika, "listen. Those were my demands, I expect them to be met!!"

Mathesar just glared.

Taika then turned off his viewscreen.

Chapter 14: The Planet is Settled

Time did fly on the planet Thermia. The planet was settled quite quickly, and soon the Thermians were having their meetings in the military base.

It was almost perfect. Pony & Taie, along with their parents, went to the Ponyia River to fish. And, as always, they had some "fish stories" to tell. And also as always, they told them AWAY from the Thermians, lest they actually believe them.

On one particular day, everybody was rounding up ponyhoppers. Pony & Taie rode on Fly By Night & Anything But Ordinary, and caught a spirited, strong-willed black stallion & a bay mare.

The two decided on Obsidian & Amber.

They started training the two to be good fighting & riding mounts, although Obsidian was quite difficult to ride.

The day was wonderful, and no one suspected that ANYTHING could happen. It was so peaceful, and albeit Taika's threats, surely he had not guessed where they were!!!!

But as the shimmer & gold of the afternoon turned into the diamond & silver of dusk, and the gentle spring rains on Thermia turned into a strong storm of fury, 5 men were on the banks of the Ponyia river, unknown to the Thermians. They were Fatu-Krey, with Taika as their leader.

No one was on guard.

And no one was prepared for what happened. No one.

Chapter 15: A Near-Deadly Mistake

Taika, with his men, were there to spy and spring a surprise attack!!!!!

Cailen, the 1st lieutenant, said, "Sir! They are not on guard. But let us wait til morning, as the storm will truly complicate matters."

Taika snorted. "The rain? That shan't stop us. This is perfect!!!!! They have a guard, but they'll never guess."

Falior, the 2nd lieutenant, looked nervous. "Sir, I beg your pardon, but we may drown!!! The river is rising by the minute!!!!! By the second!!!! And they may attack us, if this backfires!!!!! Thermians are squidoids, and they swim well. We do not."

Taika smirked. "We'll see about that."

Both lieutenants, the sergeant, and a admiral looked rather nervous. "Can't you see? The bank is slippery, and it is raining harder!!!!"

Taika rolled his eyes. "Don't question me!!! I know what I'm doing!!!"

Meanwhile, back in the woods, a Thermian was watching them. He looked just like Mathesar, except that he had blue eyes, and his hair was shorter. He, too, was shorter. He was Matinesar, Mathesar's twin brother. He was waiting for a chance to slip through and warn the others. That chance was not coming.

And it was for a good reason.

Taika was in a bit of a quarrel with his lieutenants. "The rain will not stop us!!!!" he shouted, hoping the storm would blip it out.

"It should!" said Cailen. "We can fight the Thermians again at another time!! It's too dangerous!!"

"Yes!!!" yelped Falior. "We will be wiped out by the river!!!

Taika stepped towards the river. "Hah! We can fight them. This old river won't sto......." He did not finish his sentence for he had misstepped and slipped in the river!!!

16: Second Chances

"Help!!!!!" he shouted, but the river was rushing too fast for his crew to save him.

Matinesar saw Taika, and was then becoming quite frightened and confused. "If no one helps him," he thought, "then he will go under. Not too good for a Fatu-Krey, and they usually will not live to fight another day. But, if I save him, he may hurt me, my dear twin, and my people."

It was like staring at a scale. But he knew what the right thing to do was.

He tied some long rope to Taliyen, his ponyhopper, and jumped in!

Finding Taika, he picked him up and whistled to Taliyen. The loyal ponyhoppper pulled them both to shore.

The uproar had woken all the Thermians up, but not Taika. He was unconscious. They had gotten the Cadia, the medic out, and she had said that the Thermian's enemy would be okay, but if he had stayed longer in the river he might not have lived to tell the tale.

Mathesar, looking sadly at Taika, asked if they could find the one who saved Taika. "He or she must be rewarded. It was only the right thing to do. We hardly know him!!!!"

Katiana emerged, with a man following her. "I saw him. He is the one who pulled him out."

Seeing the man, Mathesar gave a yelp of happiness and astonishment.

"Matinesar! It was you! I am happy to see you again!!" He hugged his brother, then led him inside.

The next day, Taika woke up. Something was strange; what was it? He remembered going into the water, then being pulled out!!!! It couldn't be!

He started to cry. "If only it clicked with me earlier! They should be friends, not enemies!!!"

Then he smiled.......and walked out of the room to where the commander was.


Ever since that stormy night, Taika would never be the same, and neither would the Fatu-Krey.

Taika's message that the Thermians were not the enemy was passed everywhere, and a treaty was signed: the Karinkma-Taika pact. Jason Nesmith, albeit being an actor wanted to help his friends out. So, the Karinkma-Taika-Taggart, or KTT Coalition was formed.

But is it over yet? No, because some parts of Kreyin were not reached, and thus the Agent Watch was formed..........


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