Galaxy Quest
Celebrity Talk


BRUCE BOXLEITNER - Excerpt from  
(Tron, Babalon 5)

Bonleitner:  We watch "Galaxy Quest" on a regular basis. It never ceases to make me laugh!


BEN BROWDER - Excerpt from BritAngie's Ben Browder Corner

Browder:  Galaxy Quest scared the hell out of me," laughs Browder. "Most of the core cast went and saw it the first weekend it came out. We got to the set on Monday, and all I could go was, ‘Never surrender, never give up.’ ‘By Grabthar’s Hammer, I swear...’ I just totally dug the movie. But they did that hammer sequence in the ship, and they said, ‘The writer of this should be killed.’ The nonsensical stuff goes on, and you go, ‘Oh God, this is my life.’ From the beginning, at the convention, you go, ‘Okay twenty years, you haven’t worked, this is my life.’ On the one hand you go, ‘At least I’ll have a living.’ On the other hand, you’re going, ‘No.’" "I think that it’s remarkable and it’s fantastic that fans invest that much in a show," he continues. "You want people to invest themselves in your show. For the most part, you sort of think of yourself as just an average person. You get involved and absorbed in the work, and the work obsesses you. But all this stuff on the side that comes with being on Star Trek, that to me looks a little scary, to answer to the real world for the fantasy world you live out. I look forward to it, but it scares me to have to talk to people who know the show that well, and have watched what you’re doing that well. You want people to really watch, but do you want them to watch that closely? It’s that same kind of fear I think we all have in our lives, where we start to think, ‘When are they going to figure out that I don’t know what I’m doing?’


ERIN GRAY - Excerpt from interview

Gray:  I LOVED Galaxy Quest! I gotta tell you something. I'm in the theater and I'm laughing in places that no one else was laughing. I'm catching all of the jokes. I kept saying, "This is ME! This is my life! Here it is!"


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