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Null State Physics


Null State Physics:
A hypothetical description of what happens in a state of non-existence. Because of the nature of the subject, tends to be more like metaphysics and Philosophy then traditional Physics. A rather hard concept to wrap ones  mind around, "Null state physics" is the pondering how and why there can to be absolutely everything from absolutely nothing.

One theory holds that non-existence is inherently unstable and will collapse into a state of existence: "Where there's nothing to confine what can or cannot happen, then absolutely anything can and will happen."  and/or  "All possibilities exist in they're own self defining realities"

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Quantum Genesis 
Hypothesis that the origin of the universe may be understood in terms of a quantum chance

Vacuum Genesis
Hypothesis that the universe began as nothingness, from which matter and energy arose by a process analogous to the appearance of virtual particles from a vacuum.

A clue which is intended to lead towards the truth.

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