GALAXY QUEST A New Adventure.
Written by Tony Lee Healey for the fans.

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Guy shifted up in gear in order to pick up a little more speed. He checked his rear view mirror; everything alright at the back...

Guy applied a little more power. Since he’d been signed on to star in the new Quest series he’d been able to afford a new car. Which to him meant a new car less than ten years old. True also was that he was thoroughly enjoying being a part of something. A family almost.

For once, he was a part of a ‘culture’ that extended far across the globe and reached millions of fans. He would never have dreamed, for instance, that he would have three websites entirely devoted to him... as an actor.

Guy had never thought that the day would come when he would be described as an actor of wit and full of energy, as had been the case with acclaim from Larry King when he’d gone on to the show.

He checked his mirror again.

Even the sideburns; he’d had his reservations before, but he had grown to like them. They looked stylish. He checked the clock under the dash.

12.34 pm. That was all right. He had just over twenty-five minutes to get to the restaurant to meet Fred and Laliari. They’d become more or less an item since they’d crashed. Then again, if he remembered rightly, they had nearly become an item back on the ship...

Guy made the turn left, slowing down as he entered smaller private little streets. He liked being on the show. It had not only virtually brought him his career, but it had also improved his... relations with women.

To put it bluntly, he wasn’t doing too badly. And Gwen yesterday? Well, there were plenty of other fish in the sea. Plenty. Still, he wouldn’t mind at all if Gwen were to say yes. He couldn’t see why she had said no. He looked at himself in the rear view mirror and smiled. He made up his mind on the fact that he was irresistible...

He checked his mirrors again and saw that there was now no traffic behind him.

Now two things happened at once.

One part of his brain triggered the notion that he was going up a hill. The other caught on to the fact that they were indeed climbing, but not up a hill. When Guys eyes shifted toward the road ahead, it was no longer there...!

* * *

Fred ran his finger down the menu.

"I’ll have," he paused, still making up his mind. "I’ll have..."

Laliari took the initiative, and ordered hers. She was getting quite good at this ordering thing. In fact their last few weeks together had revolved around sitting in restaurants and bars taking in much more than their allocated amounts of dietary supplements.

"I will have the triple cheese burger, the large tomato soup, two large baked potatoes with sour cream, chives, steak, and a extra large salad. I will be having two double size cherry chocolate double whipped cream sundaes and a banana split."

The waiter jotted all of this down, and peered down at her. He raised an eyebrow.

"Anything to drink?" he asked.

Laliari glanced down at her menu again. "Hmmm.... I think that I would like a tall glass of fresh orange juice, a chocolate milk and a bottle of red wine."

The waiter sighed relief. He didn’t know how he was going to get all of this stuff over here in the first place...

"And you sir? Can I get you," he saw Fred ticking off items in his mind. He could see it on his face. Oh god... "Can I get you anything?"

Fred looked up. "I think I’ll have the same."

Guy watched as the cloud layer drifted below him, and then absolute panic broke in. the wheels of his car were treading away at thin air. His foot was clamped down on the accelerator. He dared to slowly turn his head to the right. A Boeing 747 was flying about a mile away, at his level, and when he looked down...

He fainted.

Guy Fleegman found himself staring up at a shiny metal ceiling. He had a terrible headache, and something was throbbing on whatever he was laying on. It seemed to be the floor. It wasn’t cold, but it was smooth.

Guy put out his hands and rolled over, pressed up with his arms and sat up. He couldn’t quite picture it, but he recognised the room. It looked like...

It looked very much like...

"Welcome to the Protector three!" Mathesar entered the room, offering a hand up. Guy slumped back in utter surprise and shock for a moment and then accepted.

"Wha... What..." he managed to gasp only. Mathesar led him instantly out of the room. Guy felt sick to his stomach.

"I apologise for our method of bringing you here, but our digital re-arranger was only functioning at fifty percent power, so we had to raise you several hundred feet in order to lock onto you." He stopped, staring Guy solemnly in the face. "However there was a problem." He pulled out a small shape the size of a sugar cube. "Your automobile. I am sorry." He handed it over and continued, indifferent to how much the red beauty had cost Guy.

He fingered the small red-metal cube for a moment, and then dropped it and followed Mathesar, who obviously hadn’t realised he hadn’t been following.

"... and so our attempts at negotiation have been in vain. I tried myself to reason with them, but I too have failed. Only the commander can save us."

That triggered something in Guys mind.

"Wait. Wait. Did you say that only Jason could save you? Save you from what?" he held onto the wall. For some strange reason he could feel the floor moving.

"That is correct. And I am referring to the feared remnants of the Tukonia Empire. They are the ones who have kidnapped Doctor Lazarus. The last twenty years the Tukonia Empire has suffered disgrace as its forces have split into two separate groups due to conflicting beliefs."


"Right. I get that, I get that. But you said that only Jason can save you?"

Mathesar looked exactly the same. The glazed over look in his eyes, the never wavering expression of vacancy. Hard to believe that they were scientific geniuses. "Yes. That is correct also."

"Then why am I here?"

Mathesar took him by the arm. "I will show you."



You can contact me at

I am eager to hear of any criticisms, comments, or helpful suggestions that you may have to offer. Remember that this is a working progress, written for only the fans (As it should be). I will now and again take out a chapter and revisit it.

I want to remain true to the Galaxy Quest theme as much as possible. If you think that a certain part of the story doesn’t fit in, or you have a suggestion for modification, then by all means contact me.

Replies may be a long time in coming though...

I have a small notebook where I jot down all of my ideas and thoughts, so I know roughly where I want to go with this. But I think it important nevertheless to be told whether or not I’m drifting off course.

I’m sure Jason would.

Thanks for your interest so far, and remember...


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