GALAXY QUEST A New Adventure.
Written by Tony Lee Healey for the fans.


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Tommy Webber rolled, sprang back up, raised his gun, and...

"Cut!" The assistant Director screamed down the speaker. "Itís a wrap!"

Tommy relaxed and let his shoulders drop. It had been a hard days shoot today, and the sun was at its highest which didnít make things any easier. Still, heíd been in hotter climates.

The Director of new cult TV show "L.T. DICKEY" walked over and patted Tommy on the back.

"That was great Tommy. Youíre a real action person. I can tell that." As Tommy walked with him, he started taking off the fake Afro and the sideburns, and un-done the tight collar of the horribly uncomfortable shirt that came with the suit that he was forced to wear.

"Well thanks Don. Thanks." He was tired, and hot, and had that feeling that you get when you desperately need a shower not because youíre dirty or sweaty; but because youíre all cranked up. Like every muscle in your body is knotted up tight and you can hardly walk another foot.

"Iíll see you Monday Tom." Don Samson gave him one last pat and walked off tot he side. Although Tommy like the man, and had a lot of respect for him, he just wasnít in the mood for him today.

Tommy reached his own trailer and when he was inside, he locked the door. He threw the fake hair do and ugly sideburns down on a chair, and sat in front of the mirror, looking at himself.

"Damn, damn, damn..." he rubbed his eyes.

All of his acting career he had wanted to have a couple of offers come his way. He had wanted to become a star. Although he, like the others, had bitched about how Jason had been a show off and a two faced lying son of a bitch (As he had put it once), he had always envied him for doing what he could not.

Be a star and an idle.

Nut now he had that. He had so many job offers coming in that there were... too many, in fact. And that was good, but...

Tommy couldnít help missing the way things had been before. No tired shoots from eight in the morning till ten at night. No running from fans in supermarkets. At times he wished that things were normal again.

When heíd showered, Tommy locked up his trailer and got into his car. The air was cooler than it had been all day long, and the sun was beginning to set in the sky. As it lowered, it stroked out and touched all of the clouds on the horizon, turning them from white to pink, and from pink to deep blood orange.

Within forty minutes or so, he was home. But he groaned inside and out as he pulled up in his drive way. Several white and black cars with blue sirens on their roofs were parked there, and as he sat in his car watching them, an officer tapped gently on the window.

"Excuse me sir?"

"Yes? Officer, can I help you at all?" he waved to the three cars up front. "Whatís going on?"

"Mr. Webber? Tommy Webber?"


"I thought so. My wife loves your show Mr. Webber. You get more attention from her than I do." He seemed to remember his business all of a sudden and dropped the smile. "Would you mind coming inside Mr. Webber? I think weíd better have a little chat."

* * *

Tommy was not the only person who had found someone waiting for him at his house. That day, when Jason returned home, he saw that the lights of his house were all on.

Heíd left them off.

He didnít dive straight out of his car. He sat there watching for about two minutes, pondering over what to do. He was trying to work out what to do if it turned out to be the same people who had kidnapped Alexander.

An impulse drove him to get out. He suddenly felt angry. Not heroic like the character that he played on television. He felt angry that someone was in his house probably stealing or touching his own things. He did not close his car door, because of the noise. He then ran as silent as possible up the steps to his house and when he reached the front door, it was open. Just left open with a cool night breeze blowing through.

He pushed the door open and entered.

Something moved up ahead, and then he was in darkness. Every light in his house blinked out, and Jason was standing still, on his own, trying to see something that probably wasnít there.

Part of him wanted to slowly move back outside and then phone the cops. The other?

Well whatever that other part of him wanted to do, he was standing still where he was.

Above the hills surrounding his house light flashed. The heat of the day had caused oppressive thunder to break. It was the only light filling his house.

He took a few steps forward.

Then a few more. Everything was silent. Then he felt something brush very lightly past his left shoulder behind him. And then silence.

He anted to turn. But his own fear was stopping him. He tried not to breathe too loudly.

The thunder rumbled in the distance, the flash lasted several seconds, and that was when Jason turned.

He turned and found himself straight in front of...

"Mathesar! What the hell..." he took a step back and breathed in as hard as he could at the same time. "Mathesar, what... what... Why???" he was out of breath, just by the shear shock of being frightened like that.

"I am sorry Commander. But it would seem that the power relay of your home has malfunctioned. I shall send a repair crew to assist immediately..."

Jason held out a hand. "A fuse. Itís just a... itís just a fuse. Donít worry Mathesar Iíve gone one in the kitchen. Why are you here?"

"I have many things to tell you Commander. I have recalled Tech sergeant Chen, Laliari, Officer Guy, Lieutenant Tawny Madison and now you. We are still searching for Laredo, Commander. The crew await yourself and Laredo now in orbit on board the Protector Three. It was very hard to track you all. None of you were carrying an interstellar vox..."

"Well, we try not to make it a habit of talking in public to aliens from outer space.. Look Mathesar, why have you collected us all together?"

"This way Commander." Mathesar lead him outside and stood still.

Jason looked down and noticed the bright white circle at his feet.

"Protector. Two pods for iii...meeediate departurrre!"

"Here we go again..." Jason muttered to himself.

And then Jason got that all too familiar feeling of accelerating past the sound barrier...

* * *

Alexander stirred in his sleep. He popped open one eye, and had his first look of his surroundings. It was a small narrow rectangular room with one light that was yellow and not very bright; inset in the ceiling.

With a lot of effort and quite a lot of pain down his side and across his chest, Alex managed to roll over onto his back, and stare up at the ceiling.

He groaned.

A small insect buzzed about the light. Something about it gave him the impression that he wasnít on Earth anymore. It may have been the fact that it sparkled like a ruby when ever it passed underneath the light.

There was a door to his right. It had no window, or any handle or lock to think of.

But there was a slight gap at the bottom, and this gap allowed a little extra light to stream into the room.

Alex tried getting up but he couldnít he could move onto his side, or move his left hand. That was it. Somehow whoever it was, had paralysed him.

He carried on watching the door. Suddenly a shadow formed in the light. And then another, by its side.

Alex knew what they were. Thy were feet. The shadows grew larger, filling more of the door space, and the low tapping from them got louder as well.

Alex held his breath when the door began to slowly creak open...

MSG: Chapter Four is on its way. I remember someone saying on the website about being somebodyís stunt double? Well, Iím going to be writing in an extra character. But he will only be in it for a short while.

The next chapter is going to be big.

These beginning chapters were just to get the story started. Thereís going to be a lot of story and a lot of action. The next chapter will probably be about three thousand words.

Iím also toying with the idea of writing in Brandon as well.

Who knows?


(Tell me hat you think! Remember, you, the fans, can change the course of this story, so if you want to make a suggestion, just e-mail me. Also, if you would like to say how much you hate it, do that also. Iím quite open, really...)

But bear in mind that if you do that, then by Grabtharís hammer I shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger!" And I shall my revenge...


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