GALAXY QUEST A New Adventure.
Written by Tony Lee Healey for the fans.


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Chapter Four

The lights of the room dimmed, and the buzz of noise coming from the crew on board the Protector 3 seemed to drift away into the distance. All that was left was the slight vibration coming from the engines. Obviously they were moving. Jason would ask after Mathesar had said what he needed to in this... meeting of his. But right now was not the time. He looked across at Gwen. She wasn't crying, as in tears, but he could tell that she was on the edge. Nervous, worried... Jason felt the impulse to walk over to where she was sitting, and put an arm around her. But he knew her more than she knew herself. She would take it the wrong way, and all of the blame or anger would be on him. So, as selfish as it may have appeared, Jason stayed where he was. Besides, the meeting was beginning. "Mathesar where's Guy? And Tommy for that matter?" Mathesar was walking past them all. It was odd to see him in a hurry. "Gay has already been briefed, and is assisting us in acquiring Laredo. They should be returning within the hour." Mathesar reached the front. Mathesar looked across at them all, and then stood to the side of a large square black screen. An image blipped to life, and Jason recognised it as a map of the galaxy. It was in white. "Heeeeeere we have the map of the galaxy, as mapped by the Thermian peoples during the-" Jason held up a hand and Mathesar stopped dead. "Mathesar, with all due respect... you have all the time in the world to tell us about when this map was made, and under what leadership and political doctrine, but at the moment we all just want to know why it is we've been pulled up here." Wherever here is, he didn't add. "As you wish Commander. Teb." At the back, Teb activated some sort of control on the projection device that made the image zoom in on a specific corner of the galaxy and enlarge a plan of a group of planets in a system. A label appeared by the side of the galaxy. TUKONIA EMPIRE. "So who are they?" Jason asked. "The Tukonia Empire at the very ones who have stolen our Doctor Lazarus, commander. We believe that they are holding him, here." The screen enlarged again, this time just to show a single plan. HAANARI 5. "Haanari five?" "Correct. The military forces of the Tukonia Empire are said to dominate the entire planet." Fred spoke for the first time. He was sitting hand in hand with Laliari. "Okay. A base of operations huh? Hey, is that where we're heading?" "No. It would be maddddiness to attempt a rescue at current. We are going for assistance. We are not the only race to have embrace the teachings of the historical documents. It was through the historical documents that the Tukonia Empire became disrupted and eventually fell into chaos. The Tukonia were split into two. The spiritual and the military side. But, as well as the Tukonia, there are many others." "Really." Jason felt a little worried. Through the historical documents, an entire Empire had fallen to pieces? He didn't have a good feeling about all of what he was hearing... "And what are we to do?" "We require your assistances in negotiating with the Loff. We will need all of the help that we can get commander if we are to succeed." "That's reassuring. Fred, are you okay with all this? Gwen?" Fred was smiling. That meant he was. Laliari was also, but she always did. Jason didn't bother asking her; she 'd only decide the same as Fred anyway. "Yeah that's fine with me." Gwen spoke. "Let's just hurry and go get him. I don't like it Jason. Who knows what could happen to him."

* * *

Alexander found himself thrown across the room, then on the floor after having hit the wall at the back of the cell. He clutched his head. He managed to groan a few words. "Why are you doing this?" He heard crisp footsteps across the floor, coming nearer and nearer to him, and he braced himself as another volley of physical attacks came. He thought of Home, and the arrival of friends.

But it did not take the pain away.

* * *

Tommy climbed out of his car, and checked the door. The Police Officer led him up the drive. There were three cars in all. He noticed that each ha only one cop sitting at the wheel. His gut feeling told him that... "If we could go inside. I'm sure you'd like to be out of view of the neighbours." Something's wrong. "I guess." Tommy got his keys out as they approached the door to his house. When they reached it, Tommy paused in front of the door to put the key in, and the officer pressed something hard and cold against his lower back. Tommy froze. "Listen to me. No tricks, like the ones we've seen on your historical documents. I know your kind. Open the door, go inside and we'll sort all this out." "Hey, Officer, I don't know what's going on here, but I can tell you that you're going to hang but your long droopy testicles for this. I swear..." "Shut it. This is a plasma pistol set to kill. Try anything and I'll be breathing your evaporated molecules. Understand?" "Plasma pistol?" Tommy was stuck. His key sat nearly in the lock. His brain was moving a thousand miles an hour, and a Cop was pointing something called a plasma pistol at his back ready to fry him. Unless he wasn't a Cop... But Tommy didn't get enough time to worry about what to do. He was spun around as something tore at the Cop behind him and knocked him to the ground. That someone had knocked the plasma pistol out of is hand, and was pummelling his face with his bare fist. Tommy watched in shock. The Cop was knocked out. The savour stood up to face Tommy. It was Guy. "Guy? What the... Jesus man, how the..." "Don't ask. I have to get you on the Protector 3 right now." "The Protector's up there waiting for us?" "No. We'll have to go through the black hole. Come on!" Several plasma bursts whistled past. Guy yanked out a hand pistol and fired back, hitting one of the attackers neatly in the chest, and the other in the arm. They were trying to et back up. Guy grabbed Tommy by the arm and ran with him around the side of his house. "Hey Guy, who d'you think you are? Jams Kirk?" "No I thought Peter Taggart." "Very funny." He stood him still, and when Tommy looked down a bright white disc had appeared at both his and Guys feet. "I didn't know you were like that, man." "I'm not. At least I wasn't. Mathesar put me in some sort of room that can teach you stuff. It taught me all o the moves that were ever one the show." "Ouch." Guy opened up his Interstellar Vox. "Protector this is Guy. You'd better hurry it up with this emergency pod thingy. They're coming." "Emergency pod? I never heard that before. Is it safe?" "Well they reckon they tried it once. Anyway we'll find out in a few seconds." Tommy couldn't answer to that. Guy gave him an 'I know' look. "Tell me about it." MSG.

Well, Chapter Four wasn't as long as I'd thought it would be, but it did tie up some loose ends left by One, two and thee. So there you are. All the crew is assembled, and they're on their way to negotiate with the Loff. I already have something very funny in the pipe works for that section of the story. The Loff have based themselves on one character... Fred. Imagine having two point eight billion Fred's running out, and half of them female versions? Well, it gets a little crazy. Remember readers that I am always open to suggestions (I'm always open; like the bar in Cheers) and I look forward to hearing from any of you, even if you've just read it and have nothing to say. It lightens my mood and makes me less of a cantankerous bastard for the rest of the day. If you feel that you may have something to offer to the story, then send it to me in an e-mail. What have you got to lose? By the way, am I the only one who wants to see a version of Galaxy Quest DVD released that has a Directors commentary and tonnes more extras? If that is not the case and I am not alone, then e-mail either me or John. Perhaps we can get together some sort of thing where everyone writes to Dreamworks SKG to get them to release one. It's been done many times already with other DVDs. Why not with Galaxy Quest?

Remember, e-mail me with any suggestions, ideas, criticisms or witticisms at


Never Give Up, Never Surrender. Coming In Chapter Five: We see Alex's captor for the first time. We see the crew back together over lunch. Jason goes for a drink with a few members of the Thermian crew, and the Protector runs into a hostile Volax Pirate vessel.


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