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JULY 2000 - From a reliable source: There is a GQ Sequel in the early planning stages, but is currently on hold due to the director (name unknow) leaving the project.

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12-30-2000: I recently found several pic's of the canceled Galaxy Quest Toy Line by Resaurus on the Action Figure Times site We missed out on 12" action figures of Sarris, Commander Taggert , Lieutenant Tawny Madison, and Dr. Lazarus.


Happy Birthday Galaxy Quest!

12-25-2000: Check out the new Ion Nebulizer blueprint page!


12-24-2000: It's the eve of both Christmas and the first Anniversary of the US premiere of Galaxy Quest!  Thursday, December 28 the site will also celebrate it's first anniversary and I want to thank everybody who helped with site over the past year and all those that took the time to emailed questions, comments, suggestions and contributions!

 I've added 2 New items to Altered Reality and 6 new Wallpapers (2 Sarris, 2 space, 1 Jason & 1 Alex)

12-17-2000: Check out the Updated sound files (130 files!) in the Multimedia area! The new wallpaper will be up by Wednesday night.

Akira12-15-2000: Wow! how time flies! We're quickly approaching Galaxy Quest's first birthday! Check out the updated Protector Blueprints, GQ Trivia and Cool Stuff pages!  I'll be adding some new sound clips and wallpaper this weekend and have some interesting Ideas for a snapshot page that I'll try to work into the site over the next week or so :

12-05-2000: Check out the new sound files in the Multimedia area!
12-03-2000: With all the problems with my PC this weekend I wasn't able to get the sound files up, but I'll have the first installment (about 73) of files up Monday night!
11-25-2000: Did some updates to the FAQ & Cast Bio's pages, Including a link to the Internet Movie Database which lists what movie that a particular GQ cast member was in will be on TV this week. More update to come.
11-18-2000: Check out the pic's of Robin Sachs & United Fan Con 10 on the sightings page in the Databank!  I'll also be starting work on the first set of Nebulizer blueprints this weekend!

11-13-2000: Well Just back from United Fan Con 10 - Boy! can 3 days go by fast!  I'll be posting pictures of Robin Sachs aka Sarris From Fan Con in the databank section in sometime next weekend.  I'll also try to be setting up the sound clip page in the Multimedia area next weekend as well.  Before I left for the convention, I put up the CAD files for the VOX and Thermian Appearance Generator in their respective Blueprint pages.

11-09-2000: I've Added 2 new Sarris and 2 New "Jason Nesmith" wallpapers!  You prop fans looking for info on the "Ion Nebulizer" weapon prop check out the props page!

11-01-2000: I corrected some problems with the wallpaper pages that were causing a "page not found" error when trying to download the paper files.  The new server I'm using is Unix and very case sensitive - and some of my recent "house cleaning" seems to have caused a few problems :)

10-29-2000: I've added 4 new windows selection to the Windows Wallpaper section and will be working a number of "Jason Nesmith"/Tim Allen wallpapers this week. I'll try to add some sound clip files by next weekend.  I've cleaned up and repaired some minor problems (and hopefully haven't created new ones :) if you find any, let me know.
10-28-2000: Have made some updates to the Trivia and Original Series Episode Guides... New Wallpaper and other stuff this weekend!
10-23-2000: Check out the Link to some New Behind the Scenes GQ Photo's in the Databank

10-22-2000: I've expanded the Props section (will be adding more as it comes in), added corrections & update to all the pages and have added what appears to be a scanned version of a Galaxy Quest script that I've Found out on the Net. The OCR garbled the text in place, but it's a complete version. It's been a good week for finding additional web sites of professional artists who contributed to GQ. Check them out in the Links page.

10-21-2000: Work Continues. I've fixed the "Join the WebRing" option (Yahoo transition casualty) and will be adding a sound clip page to the Multimedia area very soon!.  If anyone has a suggestion about what wav compression format to use that's good and fairly standard let me know :)

10-20-2000: Well, the site's moved! I've got a LOT more room and features to play with so I'll be working on some upgrades this weekend!  as I feared, Yahoo's acquisition of WebRing isn't as seamless as I'd hoped..  I'm still toying with the Idea of renaming the page (Thanks for e-mailing me the Suggestions guys!)

10-15-2000: I've added Thermian Appearance Generator Blueprints to the Blueprint section!  I've added a "Cool Stuff" page for interesting Sci-Fi related items... If you're a fan of the Star Wars Parody "Troops you don't want to miss this!  I've also added a couple new entries to GQ trivia and updated the GQ Movie Data page..

10-8-2000: Big news of the week is that the site will be moving to it's new permanent home at WWW.QUESTARIAN.COM in the next couple weeks!  Once the new site is up I'll set up the redirections.  (you'll be able to access via the old URL's for at least the next 4 months)  I decided it was time to get the site a permanent domain so that no matter what, the site had a stable address.

I've also been working on the GQ Nebulizer hand weapon so you should be seeing the first set of rough prints within the next 2 weeks (time permitting) The Thermian Image generator prints will be up in the next day or two, and I'll also be starting work on prints of the GQ shuttle sometime in November! 

9-29-2000: I've Updated the Cast Bios and found some Interesting upcoming films...

Missi Pyle AKA Laliari will be appearing as Alexandra Cabot in the live action "Josie and the Pussycats" Movie!  Tim Allen is in talks for the role of the cat in the movie adaption of Dr. Suess's "The Cat in the Hat",  And Alan Rickman is (was?) In talks for roll the of "Professor Snape" in the "Harry Potter" movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

I've also started work on a set of rough blueprints of the GQ hand weapon (Nebulizer) along with a set of Thermian Appearance Generators (Very soon!)

9-18-2000: Ever wonder what the original cast of Trek thinks of Galaxy Quest? check out the New Trek Talks section of the Databank!  Also check the updated Galaxy Quest Convention site!

9-16-2000: I've refined the VOX blueprints and added a second sheet! 

9-13-2000: Set 1 of of the VOX blueprints are finished! check them out!  More on the way soon!  Other big news it that I've just learned that Robin Sachs AKA Sarris will be appearing at United Fancon 10 November 11-12,2000 being held at the Marriott Hotel In Springfield MA!  If you happen to be in the area don't miss it! I'll be adding a Convention listing to track any further cast appearances!\

9-10-2000: I've updated the VOX blueprints and will be updating the site, with luck :), over the week.  The VOX prints are moving ahead nicely and when there completed The Next blueprint project will be the Thermian Appearance Generators.

9-6-2000: The latest new is that WebRing has been eaten up by Yahoo... They're planning quite a few changes so hopefully it won't end up "Banner Add City"  I'm also considering Renaming the site... If anybody's got any suggestions let me know :)   Will also be updating the site and the Protector and VOX blueprint this coming weekend, so they should be up by Sunday night.

9-2-2000: I've just started the VOX blueprint project page! A little late but here at last!

8-15-2000: Let's welcome aboard the Info on the GQ Universe site to the GQ WebRing!

8-10-2000: I've added a For Sale page... It's sparse but it's a start! 

8-03-2000: Lets give A big Questarian welcome aboard to The Justin Long Fanpage and Xourque's Web Page of Stuff for joining the Galaxy Quest WebRing!  I've added a Galaxy Quest Rumor section to the News Page and I'll be noting any updates here on the main page, so stay tuned!

7-27-2000: Added 18 new reference photo's to Protector Blueprints

7-21-2000: New Behind The Scenes at Goblin Valley section 
New Site: GQ WebRing, Space Babe!
7-1-2000: I've updated the cast bios in the data bank. 

6-18-2000: I've updated the Front view in the Protector Blue Print Project, Hope to do more work on them during the week.   Trying to figure out what to do with the news section... A very sparse area at the moment. 

6-14-2000: More New Fan Pic! on GQ Fan Pic Page 4 and Page 5!

6-10-2000: The First Galaxy Quest Fan WebRing Screen Saver is up in the Multimedia section! 

6-7-2000: Check out the new fan pics on GQ Fan Pic Page 3!  Thanks KJ!  

6-3-2000: (Sniff, Wheeze, Hack) I've come down with yet another flu so I didn't get as much accomplished this week as I would have liked.  I've added more cast bios to the databank page

5-29-2000: Reworked Wallpaper #8, Replaced Wallpaper #6 with a Guy Fleegman Paper, add 2 new Fan Wallpapers, and 1 new Tommy Webber Wallpaper

05/28/2000: I've put the collectors guide on hold for a while... no user response so it's a back burner project.  

5/20/2000: 4 New Brandon, 1 New Fan submitted, and 2 New Brandon CE palm wallpapers added.  I've removed all the small 640 X 480 wallpaper to conserve space a bit. 

05/14/2000: 1 new Episode listings added!
05/01/2000: GQ Available in US on VHS & DVD!
03/27/2000: GQ Box office Total: $70,263,430
03/19/2000: GQ Box office Total: $70,130,408
02/07/2000: GQ Soundtrack available at 
01/18/2000: Justin Long, Aka Brandon, Appearing in Newline Cinima's "Happy Campers"

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