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August 5 , 2007 -  Well, another year (and then some)  has gone by since the last update... it's been that slow...  and as one would expect, sadly there's nothing new to report.  A lot has change over the last couple years... at the end of 2005, DreamWorks was purchased by Paramount, and the future of Galaxy Quest rest in new hands... and I think it's time the Questarian took a look at where we're going, and what we plan to do when we get there.  While I'm not looking to end the site for another couple years at least, I do think it's time I look at new things I can do with the site, while still keeping with the fandom theme.

What this all means is that we're going on a hiatus... we're not gone, we'll be around to keep the dust off, and making sure the roof doesn't cave in,  but until business picks up again we won't be doing any active development on site.

July 22, 2006 - Ok, so it's been a tad longer than usual between updates... I haven't done anything with the main site in the last 6 months, and sadly there really hasn't been much to miss in the world of Galaxy Quest fandom. Thank you to everyone that sent letters of support! Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you all... Been away from the site.

Well, we're still in the same boat we were back in January... The forums are dead, Not counting spam we're averaging a bit less then 1 email a month,  and there hasn't been had any new news to report. 

The site's renewal period is coming up in a couple months, so we will be here for at least another year, and as I've said before, my goal is to try keeping the site going for at least another four.  The one of the things that got put down last year that I do hope to finally finish is the "GQ Technical Manual"

For the mean time, the Questarian is in idle mode.. We'll I'll be doing some clean up and a few updates over course of the month, but very little beyond that. Should things pick up again we'll be back in full gear!  If your a fan of GQ, I really encourage you to participate!  write a story, make a picture, Look for potato chips that resemble Dr. Lazarus... anything at all.

JANUARY 9, 2006 - Galaxy Quest and celebrate their 6th anniversary!  It's been slow the last couple years,  fan mail is kind of rare these days, and updates have been few and far between.   A big thanks to the guys that used the forums over the last year,  It's good to see that there's some life there.  Thanks to everyone that emailed the Questarian in 2005, and I'd like to apologize to everyone I didn't get to email back... some of it got eaten by spam filters, some I just never had a chance to respond to. Sorry I haven't been on my own forums much.   I'd like to say I'll be around more this year... I'd like to say that :)   The site will be around for another year, and I'm hoping to do at least another 4.  Ten years would be a nice run I think :)   As we're pretty dead these day's, and it's depressing to watch the virtual cobwebs form on these pages, I'm going to be branching the site into other areas this year, more of general Sci-fi fandom stuff and other interests.  The Questarian is still a dedicated Galaxy Quest Fan site, and if  fan interest picks up (or a sequel appears) we'll shift back into high gear!  But until then,  I'll be working on a lot of new content in new directions in 2006.

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