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DECEMBER 25 2002 -   I'll be away for the next day or two and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!  Happy Birthday Galaxy Quest! Your three years old today!
DECEMBER 21 2002 -   I've just added the first page of work in progress for the GQ Tech manual!  I'm on vacation the next week, so I'll be posting a lot of updates to the site! 

DECEMBER 8 2002 - Sorry, I've been away from the the site for while... the last month, on top of everything else, I've have system problems and I'm just getting my machine back up reloaded and working.  I have a few hardware/software repairs to make, as I can afford them, so I still may be a little hard to get a hold of.  To all those that sent condolences, thank you very much. 

The plan for this week is to put some updates and the submissions to the Tech manual.

NOVEMBER 2 2002 - It's been reported on the Forum Rumor Mill that Tim Allen has mentioned his interest in doing a Galaxy Quest sequel!  See the Rumor page for more details.

On a personal note, My father passed away two weeks ago and I've been away from the site, and will probably be a little slow on update for a while... I've tried to keep up with the emails as a bit of escape from the sad times my family are going through right now, so If I've bit slow in replying of I'll hope you understand.

OCTOBER 15, 2002 - It's been a good week for updates! 

If your a GQ fan, This is definitely one of those very rare "too cool to miss" sites!  If you've ever wanted to build you own GQ shuttle here's a very neat way to do it! 
Chtulhu's Paper Models offers a free printable pattern to build you own 3D paper shuttle model! 

I've started the Technical Manual Project Page, Just an introduction, but there'll be more soon!

Check out the updated TrekTalks Page for more on what Trek People have say about Galaxy Quest!

OCTOBER  8, 2002 - I couldn't understand the spike in site traffic till, much to my delight, I found out that we'd made the sci-fi channels "Site of the Week" list!  To all you new faces, thanks for stopping by!  Also the Sci-Fi article didn't get it quite right: Our primary objective wasn't to outlive the official site....For the record the site goals are:

1. Add to and enrich a non-existent mythos!
2. Provide continuing support to the GQ fan community (see above).
3. To stick it out long after the official site go's 404!
4. Prove conclusively I have way to much free time.
(see: Get a Life)
5. Have fun!

OCTOBER 6, 2002 - The live page counter's back...lets see how much I've mucked up  the site by adding that! :)   Barring, more family emergencies, I'm going to try to get the Tech manual pages up this week.  The photo gallery's on hold while I test some options.  Also I'm once again thinking about adding a web based chat channel to Questarian.  

SEPTEMBER 29, 2002 - Whoops!  I rebuilt the forums and locked everything down!  Public posts are now open!  I've held back the Tech manual and Gallery pages till next week to when I have a chance to work on them more.  Also, the full cast listing page has been updated!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2002 - A new N.S.E.A Uniform Page has been added the the GQ Databank,   Cast Bios' have been updated.

We've received a few e-mail's with bad return addresses, so you haven't received a reply to your message that probably the reason.

After numerous conversations, I'm once again considering the suggestion that we start a Galaxy Quest Fan Club... As to the suggestion of a monthly newsletter, I have trouble finding enough things to put on the Questarian over the course of a year, I can't imagine trying to do that every month :)  Unless A LOT of people come forward to contribute, that option's out. That being the case, I may just create 25 - 50 free "Charter" Memberships a month.  Which mean you get a very nice lamented card, a certificate of membership suitable for framing, and should by some stroke of fortune the Questarian becomes privy to anything special, you get the first word :)  Please remember this is just in the "what if" stage :) If anyone's interested or has any suggestions, please email and let us know.  

As there isn't much in the way of  fan groups out here, I've been seriously toying with the idea of, while always maintaining the Galaxy Quest side, of branching the Questarian into a general Sci-Fi club/association for Western Massachusetts & North Western Connecticut. If anyone has any comments, suggestion, or ideas please >E-Mail and let us know!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2002 - I've started a Galaxy Quest Rumors page that's worth checking out :)  Also I've decided that the next big project is going to be "The Galaxy Quest Technical Manual"  Anyone that has any ideas about how GQ technology might work, what the docking protocols might be, or where the bathrooms are situated please got to the GQ Forums or E-Mail.  

SEPTEMBER 10, 2002 - The Questarian has joined in to Save Farscape!  Incase your The SciFi channel has canceled the 5th season of the Farscape!  and If you're a fan of the series I urge you to join the letter writing campaign and sign the online petition!   

Cools stuff page updated.  Everything's back up... hit counter will be back this weekend.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2002 - Some minor site updates.  Because of some technical problems, the forums are down for posting and random header pic's are down till monday.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2002 - Check out the first chapter of Lil_Prancer's "Protector II: The Aftermath" fanfic!

Because or excessive downloading/external linking,  I've removed the Fraunhofer MPEG layer-3 Codec from the sound file help page.  No further support for that codec will be offered or given.   

AUGUST 24, 2002 - After many problems, the Questarian's moved to it's new hosting service! I've switched the email back to The Questarian There were a few problems during the switch, so if you sent a message and didn't get a response, it probably got lost, please send it again. Currently, the Forum area is down... Not that it's getting all that much use, but I should have it back up sometime next week.

In September, the Questarian starts another round of new projects! Hopefully we can get the blueprints to Sarris's ship off the ground. If anyone has suggestions or ideas, Please let me know!

AUGUST 19, 2002 - I apologize to everyone who tried to email or get into the site for the last week... I'm having some hosting problems that I'm hopping to get resolved quickly. If the site disappears again, be assured that I'll be back shortly! I'm temporarily switching the site email to GalaxyQuest(A) I ask that everyone that sent a email between the 12th and 19th of August to please resend it to the above address.

AUGUST 1, 2002 - Minor updates to Trivia and Full cast Pages. Because of a serious illness in the family, There are no scheduled updates till the end of the month

JULY 26, 2002 - Sorry for the lack of updates... I just bought a house! between packing, moving, and setting things up again, I won't have a chance to do anything to the site for a couple more weeks.

JUNE 25, 2002 - I'm blissfully on vacation this week, and while I had a moment,  I though I'd do a quick update on the site!  Check out the Chapter 5 of Tony Lee Healey's Fan Fic. 

JUNE 6, 2002 - We'll I've shifted into summer mode, so updates are going to be fairly light until the fall.

MAY 25, 2002 - Sadly, it looks like I may have accomplished one of my site goals and out lived the official site.  Galaxy Quest - Travis Latke's Galaxy Quest Vaults appears to have gone off line :( 

MAY 14, 2002 - The Galaxy Quest Trivia page was updated.

MAY 11, 2002
After 2 years we've finally completed a full set of CAD blueprints of the Protector! 
MAY 05, 2002 - I've added 2 new book covers to the Altered Reality page!  

MAY 03, 2002 - I've done some updating and expanding on the Other Cast page in the databank. It's a little sparse but I'll keep adding to it over time.  More update this coming this weekend. 

MAY 02, 2002 - Fans of Justin Long will be pleased to learn that the Justin Long Fansite is back on the net!

MAY 01, 2002 -  Check out chapter 4 of Tony Lee Healey's GQ Fan Fiction.  More Updates this weekend!

APR 14, 2002 -  In GQ cast news - Along with Tony Shalhoub returning as Jeebs, It look like we'll be seeing Jeremy Howard in "Men In Back 2" this summer!

I've added a new book cover in the Altered Reality!  I've decided to spend some time over the next couple months working on expanding and evolving the the AR area. Also, the cast bios have been updated.

APR 09, 2002 - Slow couple weeks.. Check for updates next weekend.

MAR 23, 2002 - Check out chapter 3 of Tony Lee Healey's GQ Fan Fiction  In other Sci-Fi news, it looks like fans of the classic Irwin Allen series "Lost in Space", "Land of the Giants", "Time Tunnel" and "Voyage to The Bottom of the Sea" are finally going to get their wish and see their series back on the air!  check out this Reuters article.  So remember all you GQ fans Never Give Up, Never Surrender! 

MAR 17, 2002 - I've setup a new web-viewable version of the Protector blueprints!

MAR 14, 2002 - The Cool Stuff Page updated!  Check out chapter 2 of Tony Lee Healey's GQ Fan Fiction  

MAR 10, 2002 -  I've Update the Surface Scanner blueprints and put up the Beta 0.2 CAD Files!

MAR 02, 2002 - Check out chapter 1 of Tony Lee Healey's GQ Fan Fiction  

FEB 23, 2002 - It's been a busy week!
Well, it's been a long haul, but Alan & I agree that it's time to put up the Beta version of the Protector CAD's for review and feedback.  While there are a few issues with the command module to work out, the prints are 95% completed.

Check out the new Galaxy Quest Fandom page!  New in fandom: the first installment of Tony Lee Healey's GQ Fan Fiction and Joe Brown's Garignak model!

FEB 16, 2002 - Prop fans should check out the updated surface scanner hood information in the blueprint section.  In case you're looking for interesting things to do with Star Trek models, check out this University of Queensland (Australia) Physics Department site :)

FEB 12, 2002 - Check out the new review of the 9.5" die-cast Back to the Future model in Cool Stuff!
FEB 09, 2002 - Cast Bios Updated

FEB 02, 2002 - Well, It's February and I'll be beginning work on the blueprints of Sarris's ship, and I hope to have the rough beginning by the end of the month 

In case you didn't catch it last year, I highly recommend Galaxy Quest fan's check out: Ren Kishida's Japanese Galaxy Quest Fan Page
This is a Japanese Language page with the best Galaxy Quest cartoon illustrations!    Even if you can't read it, it's well worth to check out!   

I've also update the GQ sequel information in the FAQ

JAN 27, 2002 - Shuttle Prints Updated

JAN 24, 2002 - While making updates to the cast bios pages I discovered that both Missi Pyle (Laliari) & Patrick Breen (Quellek) made appearances on the short lived series "The Tick".   Also, I should be adding updates to the shuttle and surface scanner prints this weekend.

JAN 15, 2002 - Because I have a real soft spot for obsessive fandom, I couldn't let this pass by without a mention:)  On January 1, 2002 Members of the Seattle Star Wars Society Began their 4 month wait in line for May 16 premier of  Star Wars: Episode-II .... What people won't do for good seats :)


JAN 7, 2002 - I've updated the Shuttle blueprints.  I'll be adding some shuttle references later this week
JAN 6, 2002 - I've updated the Surface Scanner prints.. More updates coming :)

JAN 3, 2002 - Happy New Year!  I'll be posting updates to the Surface Scanner Prints this weekend, and with some luck, I'll be updating Shuttle Prints as well.

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