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While not a clear indicator of a sequel, It does show they're still
 interested in the franchise.

Reports in July of 2000 indicated a possible sequel in the very early planning stages.

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Past Site News - 2001:

12/29/2001 - Well, I've talked about it forever, but I've finally got the Surface Scanner Blueprints off to a good start!

12/27/2001 - I've done some updates to the Trivia, bios and cool stuff pages.  If you're a Galaxy Quest fan, check out the The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space site.  "Captain Zoom" was a 1995 pilot for a series about a 1953 "Captain Video" style sci-fi series actor that get mistaken for a real hero and transported to a distant planet to help battle a evil tyrant... Hmm, that sounds vaguely familiar :)

12/25/2001 - Happy Birthday Galaxy Quest!  It's the second anniversary of GQ's release!  


12/02/2001 - Wow! it's December again and we're approaching Galaxy Quest's and the Questarian's  Second Anniversary!   I'd like to thank everybody's that's emailed over the last year!  So, what's up in 2002?   Well, the blueprints continue... Alan and I continue work on the Protector CAD prints as time permits... I've started a page in the blueprint project on Sarris's Ship The Falcon,  and I hope to continue work on the Shuttle, Ion Nebulizer and Surface Scanner prints.  The "GQ Retro Project" I talked about last September is still in development, unfortunately the resources I was expecting didn't materialize so I had to go back to the drawing board.   In other site news I've added page of Thermian reference pic's in the Databank area.
11/15/2001 - Well, tomorrow's the big day for all you Harry Potter fans!  The film isn't even out yet and the sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has been green lighted!  Some films have all the luck!  :)
11/12/2001 - I've added an "Other Data" area in the databank for pics from United Fancon 11

11/9/2001 - Site was down the last couple days (technical problems)  If you're in the Western Mass / North Western Connecticut area join us at United Fan Con 11!  Look for our fliers on the freebie / info table :)

11/4/2001 - Well I've had enough of the falling leaves java app for one season.:) Since it's been really quiet on the GQ front the last several months I'm been thinking of evolving the Questarian in a number of new directions.  Not to worry, the primary focus of the main site will always be Galaxy Quest fandom.  One of the things I'm considering, if I can drum up enough interest, is branching part of the Questarian into a General Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fan club for Western Massachusetts/New England.  If anyone's interested please contact In a effort to boost site traffic, I've linked The Questarian with a number of additional WebRings!  Check out the WebRing Links Page!

10/30/2001 - Nothing quite like fall in New England!  I've been playing around and testing some java applets :)   Coming up in about a week and a half is United Fan Con 11  If you're in Western Mass Join us!

10/22/2001 - I apologies for the site being down most of the day... Unfortunately my hosting company "forgot" that I renewed my account 2 months ago... Ack!   I'm trying something a bit different with the selector buttons. I've created some new animated mouse over buttons... (The mouse over function in MS FrontPage 2000 sucks!.. Kept crashing in Netscape! so I had to hand code it)..  Will be trying several variations over time.

10/21/2001 - I did some updates to the Props pages... Still needs a lot of work.. and I've added some new references to the Ion Nebulizer Blueprint pages.  Because I'm so hooked on DVD's I'll be starting up a "Sci-Fi & Fantasy" review page... I pulled the "Fan Review" topic from the GQ Forurm page because it, like the rest of the forum, was dead.  If anyone wants to add to the reviews, I'll setup as submit address :) I've set the "GC Comm Channels" button to go directly into the forum area... I'd been toying with setting up a live GQ chat area but the traffic in the forums has been too slow to justify the effort.

10/18/2001 - I'm going start a major revamp of the Galaxy Quest Prop pages this weekend.  WebRing has split off from Yahoo and is once again independent... Which so far that's been a good thing, but only time will tell :) 

10/14/2001 - I'm working on a number of new items,  for a start, I've put up 4 new GQ icons in the multimedia area.  More on the way! 

10/02/2001 - Since last time I've updated the cast Bios and the Cool Stuff page, added a new "To see if there's a pub" wav (pub.wav) and stared making new Galaxy Quest icons including ones similar to those on Brandon's computer in the film... Will post them when I have about a dozen completed.

09/27/2001 - I've been preoccupied with the 9.11 tragedy the last several weeks and   though it was time to try getting back to the some semblance of normal.  I've added a page of 9.11 links and if you interested in using the ribbon, it can be obtained at 

We're very close to releasing the Protector CAD's, perhaps another month and they'll be ready.   I'm going to try working on more GQ graphics, Icons, buttons, and Themes this weekend... and to the gentleman looking for the "Pub" wave, I haven't forgot... I'll be putting that up as well :)   Also, I'm trying to get off my butt and get the Surface Scanner prints started.

09/13/2001 - Our heart felt sympathies and prayers go out to the families and friends of those that have been injured or lost as a result of the acts of terrorism at the World Trade centers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

09/01/2001 - Some minor hopeful news... DreamWorks has recently renewed registration on the domain for another year! While this doesn't exactly scream sequel, it still encouraging!

08/26/2001 - I thought that a little teaser for all for all those patient blueprint fans might be fun, so check out the sneak preview of the new Protector cad prints!  With September comes the next round of major site updates!

08/06/2001 - Well, the summer's going by fast and I'm starting to think about new things to bring to the site.  Besides continuing work on the blueprints, the next big thing beginning later this fall is the "Galaxy Quest Retro Project"... Where we actually begin to flesh out the fictional reality of Galaxy Quest!   To borrow a line from Max Headroom: "making tomorrow seem like yesterday"  :)  Stay tuned for details!

07/31/2001 - Fan's of Missi Pyle (AKA Laliari / Jane Doe) will be happy to learn that she will be appearing as a regular on the new ABC series "The Wayne Brady Show" which Premieres Wednesday, August 8, 8 & 8:30 EST /7 & 7:30 Central !

07/29/2001 - Well we're still in summer mode here!   I'll try to work in some updates and additions to the site this week!

07/11/2001 - Some real progress is being make on the Protector CAD prints!

07/04/2001 - A couple minor updates to the Protector blueprint, and Other Fan Site Pages.

07/01/2001 - Check out the new 1/6 Resin Sarris Figure in the GQ For Sale Page!   Also I saw Steven Spielberg's new Film AI Friday and to my Surprise Enrico Colantoni has a small part in it!

06/28/2001 - I'm on vacation so no big updates for a couple weeks... but while I was checking my email, I thought I'd do a quickie :) I've added one additional bar to the GQ Page bar page, Updated the Cast Bios pages, and did a minor update to the Cool Stuff page.
06/17/2001 - I love the summer... now if I can just get more then one weekend in a row without rain!  per request, I've added a Fan review topic to the forums and I've done some minor updates the to the Galaxy Quest Collectables page.

06/07/2001 - I've started a new "Other Fan Sites" page!   To try something different I'm working up a number of review and editorial pages... If anybody would like to submit something (see FAQ for submission info) email submit. I corrected a number of image URL errors that my site editor caused on several pages and have done some minor updates on the Cool stuff and FAQ pages.

06/03/2001 - I'm going into Summer mode, so the updates are going to be a bit further apart till the fall :) I'll still be doing work on the site and answering email, but I'd like to see some sunlight on the weekends as well! :)

05/23/2001 - Even if you can't read Japanese you'll want to check out Ren Kishida's Galaxy Quest Fan Site  This is a new and growing site and there are some fantastic GQ cartoon illustrations!

05/15/2001 - it was a long time in coming but I finally created the Galaxy Quest Collectables page in the data bank.  It's new and a bit rough, but it's a start!
05/14/2001 - I've started work on a new set of blueprints, the "surface tracker", and should be staring the page in the blueprint area late this week.  I've had to postpone the Shuttle updates till next weekend. Added some Minor updates on the Cast Bios and FAQ pages.

05/10/2001 - Nothing big happing this weeks...I'll be updating the blueprints some time this weekend

04/30/2001 -  Slow week :)  Forgot to mention last week that I found a neat little Star Trek reference in Galaxy Quest... Check out the updates in the GQ Trivia page in the Databank! Will be updating site by this weekend.

04/21/2001 -  I've done a bit more refining of the shuttle blueprints side and top views.  FAQ and Cast Bios updated. I'm working an new stuff and, time permitting, will try to does several updates during the week.

04-09-2001: I've update the Ion Nebulizer blueprints and added a new shuttle page to the Blueprint Project!

03-22-2001: Nothing exciting... just some corrections to the sound codec page and fixes to the main page header graphics... more this weekend.

03-16-2001: Check out the new Galaxy Quest Font page in the Multimedia area! 

03-12-2001: I found a reference on about an upcoming (2002) movie titled "Star Child":

A socially inept CIA agent (possibly Tim Allen) tries to help an alien return to space. Subsequently, the agent ends up in the middle of an intergalactic war.

This is NOT the Sequel to Galaxy Quest... but boy, it sure sounds familiar don't it?

03-08-2001: I've added a list and links where possible of upcoming films which feature GQ cast members to the bottom of the main page.   I've also reloaded the Questarian Forums and will be working to customize them next weekend... So let's not all rush in a once! (See Sarcasm :)  I've also moved the eBay search link to the For Sale page.

03-06-2001: Another Snow Day!... This time with Snow :)   I'm working on the site (again) and trying to think up new things to add :)

03-05-2001: Bonus Snow Day in New England! ... Minus the Snow!  If I'm lucky it's rehearsal for the HUGE storm they predicted for today/tomorrow... But then as they say, when have weathermen been able to predict the weather? :)   I've updated the cast bios, databank and link pages... Check out the Galaxy Quest Story Board Samples at Famous Frames! There's also a few other small GQ Storyboard samples on IMDB.

03-01-2001: It's been a slow month...I've done some minor site updates and the CAD work continues.  Time permitting I hope to have the first set of CAD Protector Prints done by the end of the month.

02-18-2001: Well, the site passed the 10,000 unique visitor (base on IP) mark!  The new forum area is pretty quiet... which is not a huge surprise being that the old forum area was just a slow :)  Work continues on the new CAD blueprints, and I'll be working on the site more this weekend :)

02-08-2001: I've worked in some minor updates... that and dug out from 23 inch of snow :)  I've also added a link to Mars by Stealth, and online sci-fi comedy adventure by Peter Rasmussen.

01-28-2001: I'm reworking the GQ forum and have created a new GQ Comm Channels page!  Check out the neat page where a number of GQ fans are working on putting together a Galaxy Quest EliteForces Mod!

01-21-2001: I'm starting to play with CGI scripting on the site... the first attempt being the random banner image at the top of the main page!  I'll also be creating a new better Galaxy Quest forums over the next week or so (halfway there now)  I've added 1 new wallpaper and several new fan pics! Work on the blueprints continues.

01-12-2001: I'll be posting some updates this weekend, and possibly some Nebulizer updates and the beginnings of the Shuttle Blueprint pages by Monday Night

01-07-2001: I've updated Jonathan Feyer's Cast Bio Page and Cool Stuff.  More updates to come!

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