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DECEMBER 1, 2005 - Sorry for the rant but.... Because I'm getting a little tired that the only area of the site that getting over used (lots of bulk downloads...EVERYDAY!!!) is the sound clip page, they will be going oh hiatus for a couple months until I can implement something better.  I hate to having to do this, but wave files have gotten to be the bulk the traffic on the site... it's gotten rather silly when we cant's generate a Meg's worth of email and forum posts in a month, but we have no problem consistently generating a couple Gig's worth of wave file transfers.   If anyone's got any suggestions or comments please let me know.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 - Repairs and corrections continue... most of the uploads, blueprints, waves, wallpapers, icons, etc., are working, but I still have some fixes to make during the week.  To all those that may have problems downloading, I apologize  but I've had a lot of problems with off site linking to files so I've had to implement some simple redirection and rejection scripts to help prevent some of this.  The current GQ screen saver has a problem with Windows XP that I'll be looking into and there is a second screensaver, that works great under XP,  that's a couple weeks from being done.

The New Forum is up!  This is a big change from the old forum and offers some great new features!  Check it out and Let me know what you think, any suggestions you have, or if you run into any problems.   It's new so I'm still working the bugs out :)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2005 - Sorry for the glitches, but as there's are differences in how the new host handles my old cgi scripts, all downloads on the site will be down till sometime next weekend when I have a chance reconfigure the site and the scripts.

SEPTEMBER 5, 2005 - Well, the sites back up on the new host!, Bad news is that the old GQ Forums are gone... not like they'd been used much, but I'll have a replacement up in week or so :)

Because of the expense of the new PC,  in order to keep the Questarian going for another year (our hosting and URL renewal period is during September) , I've had to cancel the retro project and the "free memberships" programs till mid 2006.   

AUGUST 7, 2005 - Sorry about the length of time it took me to get back to the site... I've been having all sort of problems (and lots of reloads) with my old PC, and if finally terminally failed... It literally "burnt out."  Well now I have a nice new PC (an a much large credit card bill) and I'll be doing a lot of updates to the site over the next couple weeks.   I apologies to everyone I wasn't able to email back.

MARCH 22, 2005 - Due to a great deal of linking to files on the Questarian, I've had to alter the way downloads are handled.  All major downloads are now going through a script which verifies that the request came from a page on Questarian rather then a link from another site. Unfortunately, this it's not a perfect solution. With the wave files they'll play fine, but you wouldn't be able (in windows) to right click and save it correctly.  I'm going to zip all the files next weekend and that should fix a lot of the wav download issues.

I'm sorry,  but it's going to have to stay this way until I can find a better solution... or I take the sound files off the site completely... too many leeches!

The new download method may not be 100% compatible with everyone, so if you are having a problem downloading files, please contact me. Please tell me which browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc) and which ISP (AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, Etc.) that you are using.

FEBRUARY 6, 2005 - Had some software problems last month (I hate FrontPage 2000)... If anyone has a better option to publish web pages please let me know :)

If you haven't looked in the last month or so, be sure to out the latest sequel rumors!  

Coming this April the Questarian, as part of the retro project, will be offering a number of free "Fan Club Memberships Kits" every month!  Stay tuned for details and information on how to get yours!

About this time of year I like to encourage everyone to check out Ren Kishida's Japanese Galaxy Quest Fan Page This is a Japanese Language page with the best Galaxy Quest cartoon illustrations!   Even if you can't read it, it's well worth to check out!  Check out the AltaVista Babel Fish translation into English

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