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OCTOBER 5, 2003 - I've added the new pics of the Ion Nebulizer and Vox to the Props pages.  Also I've finally gotten around to adding updates to Lil_Prancers fanfic.  More updates this week :)

OCTOBER 1, 2003 - Well it's fall again. Sorry for the lack up updates, but I've been really busy, and it's been another couple slow months so there hasn't been much new to report. Good news is that I've finaly found decent pics of the "Ion Nebulizer" GQ hand weapon that I'll be putting up on the site later this week or this week end.  I'll also be updating the Fandom page with new pic's and fanfic this weekend!

AUGUST 24, 2003 - Another Slow month, not much new progress on the tech manual... but the good news is that we can scratch one more item off our wish list!   Was finally able to find a Galaxy Quest MIDI file!

JULY 13, 2003 - Lil Prancer has sent us chapters 5-8 of her fanfic! I've Also done a update the Cast Bios pages.

JULY 8, 2003 - It's been going slowly, but the I've put up samples of two of the additional ships that I've been CADing. Check out the update on the Ships pages and let me know what you think.

JULY 2, 2003 - I've had a couple questions come up about the Starcrafts protector model so for the record:

  • To the best of my knowledge there are currently no licensed model kits, toys or prop reproduction from Galaxy Quest.  
    As such any items that are out there are gray market... Which is to say at very best there's a "gray area" as to the license status of the item... or in other words there a good chance it a pirate product. 

  • The Questarian is not involved with the creation, production or sales of the Starcrafts kit... so I don't know when it'll be ready, I can't help you with problems, and I'm not taking orders.
    While it does appear that the Questarian's Protector blueprints, as well as the URL to the Protector blueprint project's main page, are being used in Starcrafts instructions (see photos in Starship modeler's review),  as far as I'm aware, no one Identifying themselves a "Starcrafts" has talked to us about a kit, asked permission to use the prints or asked permission to list the URL of this site as a reference source in their documentation. 

  • The Questarian is not endorsing the Starcrafts model in any way. 
    Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware
    ! As the quality of gray market kits vary wildly, I know nothing about Starcrafts, and I've yet to see the model myself, I can't recommend it.  It will be listed in the "GQ for sale" page at some point, but for reference purposes only!  If I get one I certainly will review it, or if anybody out there has one, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

JUNE 15, 2003 - I've update the Protector DWF view page and viewer links.  I've got several of the GQ ship variations CAD'd and I'll have previews of them in the Tech manual pages soon. I've decided not to get too neurotic about the page count in the first edition, which time permitting, should be somewhere around 20-30 pages by fall.

MAY 26, 2003 - Check out the newest submission to the Altered Reality page!  I will be CADing the ship and space station entries for the technical manual and they should be up late June.  The other big new is that the kit maker Starcrafts will be debuting a 12 1/2" NSEA Protector model at Wonderfest this summer!  I'll have more details here and on the GQ for sale page.  Also I'm working on a new GQ screen saver!

APRIL 14, 2003 - Another slow couple of month rolls by...  Not much progress on the Tech manual.  Will be doing some site update over the next week.  

FEBRUARY 21, 2003 - Every year around this time I like to encourage people to check out Ren Kishida's Japanese Galaxy Quest Fan Page.  Even if you can't read Japanese, it's well worth the effort to checking out!  

A number of people have asked why I altered header from webring to fandom homepage... It's been 3 years and the webring is pretty dead (and that's being optimistic :) so I thought it was time to make a little change in direction.

Nothing new this month... Very slow going on the Tech manual project.  As I have received a very small number of submissions,  I've deiced to pull the public end of it out and do it myself, otherwise it'll be February 2004 and I'll still just have 2 pages :)

JANUARY 20 2003 - With rebuilding my system, AGAIN, (sigh, an unlisted virus ate my partition tables!) I haven't had much time this month for updates... not that there's been a lot coming in :)  I've done some minor updates on the cast bios, including some new headshot of Jonathan Feyer.  The Tech manual is coming along slowly, and I'll be adding some new items.  Also Lil Prancer has sent us more chapters of her fan fic. 

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