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DECEMBER 29, 2004 - Well, Galaxy Quest and the Questarian are celebrating their 5th anniversary!  It's been very quiet around here and I'm hoping to revive things a bit this coming year. I've got a lot of neat stuff planned for 2005.  One of my new year's resolutions is to dedicate time this year to finish the tech manual, and the dozen or so other projects I've got half started around here :)

I apologies to those I haven't emailed back... Between once again being swamped with spam (I also apologize to anyone who's email my filtering has eaten) , my car getting backed over by a garbage truck last month, and the holidays, I haven't had much time to for the emails. 

NOVEMBER 21, 2004 - Some minor trims and updates.  I've removed the Lincoln Enterprises link from the cool stuff page as they once again appear to be having problems ironing out their licensing issues.  I'll be doing some major site updates the last week in December. As public participation in the tech manual died out last summer, and I've been involved with other projects, sadly I've had to put it on permanent hold. 

Sadly, I also have to report that Western Massachusetts's only annual Sci-Fi convention, United Fan Con, has fallen on hard time and may not be returning.  The recent convention had the lowest attendance I've seen in 14 years... Blame the internet.  I'll be posting a post mortem review with the site updates in December.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2004 - Nothing much new to report.  Have updated the site, fixed and removed some bad links... 

JUNE 25, 2004 - Great news for the blueprint fans!  I've recently come on to some new reference material on the "ion nebulizer" prop and will starting on a whole new set of blue prints!    If you haven't hear of it yet, check out the new fan made episode of the Origional Star Trek Series!
MAY 2, 2004 - Sorry that it's been a couple months since the last update, but there's been nothing much new to report. I'll be working on some updates next week, nothing big.  For better of worst, at this point I'm looking to wrap up the Tech manual Just after July 4, 2004.

FEBRUARY 12, 2004 - Minor updates, quite a few pages go scrambled so I'm going though and fixing them.  I Will be doing more updates this weekend, including some new Fan Pics!  

I'm closing out the public portion of the GQ Technical manual project, progress has been very slow, and submissions have been extremely sparse.   As I have a couple dozen things to CAD for the Tech Manual,  I expect to be putting up a first draft in a couple months.  

Sadly, because I haven't found a significant source of new reference material in over a year, fan interest drifting in other directions, and not having found anyone with the time to collaborate,  I've had to suspending work on all new projects.   There should be a few derivative pieces coming out of work on the Tech Manual, but the Blueprints of Sarris's ship and the "GQ Retro" project are pretty much dead at this point.

JANUARY, 20, 2004 - I've changed the primary site e-mail address from "GalaxyQuest" to "Galaxy.Quest" (note that there's now a dot between the words) which I hope that this, for a little while, will help clear up a lot of the spam that's been coming in.  The old address is still up, but if you use it, there's a chance that you message may accidentally get missed.  If you preface your subject "GQQ:" (such as "GQQ: What's up John?") for any address on the site,  it will mark the message as a "Priority Fan Message" and I'm sure to get it!

JANUARY, 19, 2004 - Sorry I haven't updated the site in a couple months but there's really been nothing new to report and I've been busy with other projects.   I apologize to anyone that's email me in the last couple months and haven't received a reply.  I've been receiving a record amount of spam e-mail (several thousand a week) and have had to turn up the filtering, which unfortunately causes a some legit email to get lost.  I'll be changing the primary email account slightly in the next week to help combat the problem so watch the front page for more info.   

In other news, a belated happy 4th birthday to Galaxy Quest and the Questarian!

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